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TIME MACHINE:1969, 1978, 1937; 2003 & 1991 Columns.

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Transmedia, an idea brought to fruition by Choppy Layton and the late Wayne Powell, was a win-win situation for Pocomoke area teens and area bands.  Its' dances provided teens a needed entertainment venue for a small community, and it provided bands an outlet to perform for pay.

December, 1969

Democratic Messenger

Those of us who grew up around Pocomoke City "way back when" will likely spot a number of familiar names when skimming through the column below.


Democratic Messenger

December, 1978

                                                                         The Sunday Times (Salisbury)

December, 1937

                                                                                            The Salisbury Times

Here are two more of Edna Davy Muir's "Life In The Country" December newspaper columns. The year-round columns of the late Somerset County resident brought readers an interesting and entertaining glimpse of earlier days. 



The Daily Times (Salisbury)

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Anonymous said...

I remember well the social columns by Mrs. Gladding and Mrs. Byrd, as well as the ones by Julia Robertson and Isabelle Leach. I considered them, and their readers, to be the height of nosiness and I took great delight is making up outrageous stories and experiences and feeding them to these ladies who published them without question.

Your friend,

tk for PPE said...

Slim!! Well shame on you. Hope Santa doesn't put you on a belated naughty list. Haven't heard from you in a while. The Pocomoke Public Eye always welcomes your comments. Remember you can email even if it's not relative to a posted item and we'll share it with our readers. Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy New Year. -tk