Saturday, August 18, 2018

Safety For Our Local Schools

(From WBOC)

Worcester County School Safety

By Caroline Coles
NEWARK, Md--School starts in just a matter of weeks and Worcester County School officials are making safety their top priority. 

Students will notice new emergency response shields, the shields are designed to protect faculty and students in school shootings. 

"One local business here in Worcester County donated at least 2 shields for every school," says Superintendent Taylor. 
Worcester School officials say they're also hoping to add more mental health counselors this school year. 
"We have found over the years we can be more proactive, we have mental health issues in the community and we think, if we can offer services to those individuals, it will help us increase safety in our schools," says Superintendent Taylor. 
Parent and teacher, Silvyia Gallow says she wants the county to get rid of outside portable classrooms. 
"I really don't feel like they protect children, there isn't a whole lot protecting them out there," says Gallow. 
Superintendent Taylor says because of the amount of students at some schools, portable classrooms are necessary  and monitored on a regular basis. 

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