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Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEW Traffic Signs On Cedar Street!!

In case you haven't noticed:   Look for new signs on Cedar Street.

Photo/Esther L. Troast
It has taken her a while. And it has taken lots of complaining, calling the police station and discussing the situation with two councilpeople, you name it, but Esther Troast has gotten the stop signs she has begged for. If you know Esther at all then you know how she is when she becomes passionate and concerned about something. She never gives up.

Esther found a sympathetic ear in Mayor Morrison so when she heard that the Pocomoke City Mayor and Council were going to discuss cameras and signs on Cedar Street she attended the meeting to give them her one last plea. The motion was in favor! Needless to say Esther was on cloud nine! And after being almost hit by an oncoming car while turning into her own driveway, relieved that something would be done.

Photo/Esther L. Troast
I don't know why a matter like this wasn't looked into right away. Doesn't matter now. The signs are there so maybe those that think they can travel at a high rate of speed up and down Cedar Street will either slow those cars down or get a nice healthy ticket.

And maybe, just maybe traffic will be slowed when school resumes in September so that students can walk safely to and from school.
And FYI: Don't send any nasty comments please about your feelings towards the Pocomoke City Council or question the amount of time it took to get this issue resolved. I've been trying to tell many of you that if you want to be heard you need to attend your city council meetings. 

It isn't an issue......slowing your speed IS.

Thank you Esther!