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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arrests Made As Appliances Are Returned

Nancy Drury Duncan
Staff Writer
ACCOMAC -- Two men who apparently tried to take a number of appliances from a used furniture store in Accomack County got more than they bargained for.

The heist ended with the store's owner holding a shotgun on the suspects until police arrived.

Storm Carter, 61, of Keller and Joseph Washington, 35, of Nelsonia, were found guilty of grand larceny in Accomack Circuit Court by Judge A. Bonwill Shockley.

The suspects were seen driving away from behind the store one night last June by store manager Jean Jones, who had dropped by.

She had her children in her car, she said. She said the truck and a flatbed trailer were filled with items belonging to the business, and she followed as it quickly drove away.

She called police and her father, the owner of the business, as she pursued the truck. Finally, the men stopped, walked back to her car and apologized to Jones, saying they would take the items back.

"They did go back," Jones said. "They started throwing thing off the truck and trailer really fast."

The items were described as a large steel air handler, used air conditioners and metal appliances as well as metal storage shelving that was bought to go inside the building to hold pallets of merchandise.

"They even took our appliance cart to load the stuff up with," she said.

Her father Andrew Willey, arrived as the men were throwing the items off the truck and trailer.

He testified that he went into his building and came out with a shotgun that he held on the men until police arrived.

"They did not attempt to leave?" defense attorney Terry Bliss asked Willey.

"Would you leave with a shotgun on you?" he asked back, causing the courtroom to erupt in laughter.

Bliss argued that her client thought it was a junk pile and didn't mean to steal. Garrett Dunham, attorney for Washington, said the crime was not grand larceny because it was hard to put a value on the items, which were not new.

"It is pretty hard to get around the fact that this was on someone else's property," said Shockley.

"Sorry guys, both guilty of grand larceny. If they thought it was junk, all they had to do was call up and ask if it was junk and offer to haul it away," she said.

Both Washington and Carter were allowed to remain free on bond until sentencing.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Suspect Still Wanted For Armed Robbery

According to Major Todd Godwin, on December 12, 2010 at approximately 02:45 a.m., the Accomack County Sheriff's Office received a report of an armed robbery that had occurred at the Shore Stop convenience store in Accomac. Reportedly taken during this incident was an undisclosed amount of money and merchandise.

An investigation into this incident has resulted in two suspects being identified. Warrants have been obtained against 22 year old Roy Brewer Davison and 28 year old Jacqueline Applegate, both of Princess Anne, Maryland, for robbery, armed burglary with the intent to rob and use of a firearm in the commission of a robbery. Jacqueline Applegate is currently incarcerated in the Wicomico County Jail on Maryland charges as well as on a detainer from Accomack County for this incident. Roy Brewer Davison has not been located as of this date. Roy Davison is described as a white male, 6'00", 150 lbs, blue eyes, blond hair.

Anyone having information regarding the whereabouts of Roy Brewer Davison is asked to contact the Accomack County Sheriffs Office at 757-787-1131 or 757-824-5666.

Source; shoredailynews

Monday, July 12, 2010

Community Trying To Cope With Murder Of This Wonderful Woman

Sharone White Bailey was known for her selfless giving and volunteer work in her small, tight-knit Northampton community.

She regularly helped needy people get eyeglasses and medication, and she bought food for struggling families in the area.

Last month, the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce named Bailey its Citizen of the Year because of her volunteerism.

But her love of helping others ended Friday.

Bailey, 57, was stabbed at her home in the 11000 block of Occohannock Neck Road on Friday afternoon, according to the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office .

Derrick Demond Epps, 36, was charged with first-degree murder, entering a house with intent to commit murder, and assault and battery of a law enforcement officer. He is being held at the Eastern Shore Regional Jail without bond.

Northampton authorities say the case is under investigation.

Bailey’s husband, Roland “Butch” Bailey, a local mechanic, said Epps had lived with his mother across the street from the couple for about a year.

He said family and friends don’t know what the motive was for the stabbing, but he said he knew Epps had mental health issues.

“She didn’t expect he would be that violent,” Bailey said. “He needed help and apparently he didn’t get it quick enough.”

Family and friends were shocked and saddened by Sharone’s death. Still, they gathered at Butch’s Cars and Parts Inc. on Lankford Highway on Saturday evening to celebrate the business’s 25th anniversary.

Bailey said his wife had helped him plan the celebration, so he still wanted to hold the festivities in her honor.

“I know she would want me to do it,” he said, perched in a chair in the corner of the shop. “I just have to go ahead and take care of business.”

Family friend Charles Kellam described Sharone as a popular, active member of the community.

“She was always trying to make people better,” he said Saturday. “She never caused anyone any trouble.”

The Baileys were married for 20 years.

Sharone never had any children of her own, but she had two stepdaughters.

She received a degree in social work from Norfolk State University and her master’s from Ohio State University.

She was a board member of Eastern Shore Rural Health System and part owner of Therapeutic Intervention, where she worked with at-risk kids.

Sharone sang in the choir of Macedonia A.M.E. Church in Accomac, where she had been a member since childhood.

She was an avid gospel and jazz listener and had a fondness for old-fashioned love songs by Roberta Flack and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

On Friday, Roland Bailey said she had “I’m Blessed,” by the Rev. Clay Evans, in the CD player in her car.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Huge Fire Reported ..........

A huge fire has been reported on Folly Farm Lane in Accomac. Several fire departments have responded to the scene.

Use caution if you are in the area.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Billie's Goat Lives Indoors

Fourteen Day Old Goat Lives In Kitchen
by Ted Shockley, Staff Writer

ACCOMAC -- Two weeks ago, Billie Blackwell faced a difficult decision. The mother goat was ignoring the newborn kid and a snowstorm was approaching. Should she let the baby try to survive or bring it indoors?

Blackwell did what many loving Eastern Shore pet owners did as temperatures dropped and snow fell. She brought her pet inside.

"It was making a choice between two evils," said Blackwell, nodding at Snoopy, now 14 days old, standing in her kitchen in the Henry's Point community. "We selected this one, which is going to be a problem."

Living with an indoor goat has its challenges. Blackwell has been paper-training the kid on the vinyl kitchen floor. But, as she puts it, every five ounces it eats produces at least 20 ounces in return.

Relations with the 9-year-old indoor cat, Fuzzball, have been strained.

"The goat wants to investigate the cat, but the cat doesn't want anything to do with the goat," she said.

But the living arrangement has been poignant at times.

Blackwell bottle-feeds Snoopy, who sleeps in a big cardboard box. Its muffled bleating sounds like a toy. It sits in her lap like a puppy.

With it standing on the floor, Blackwell trains it to butt heads by pushing her sock-covered foot against its forehead. Snoopy pushes back.

Blackwell, who retired from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility as a contract specialist after 35 years there, and her husband, Charlie, have raised goats for 30 years. But circumstances have never required one to live inside.

Now, despite her good intentions, she is worried about the future. Snoopy has become accustomed to the warm house and might not take well to outside living in February. But the goat is growing faster than spring's arrival.

"He can't stay in here too much longer," Blackwell said. "He's going to be taking over the land. They just get rambunctious -- they want to butt on everything. They want to chew on everything."

Now housemates for two snowstorms, Snoopy has taken to Blackwell, and has charmed the owner who took seriously her responsibility as a pet owner.

But as soon as it warms up, Snoopy might be back where the other goats live.

"The Bible says there is a time for everything," said Blackwell, who then recites several verses from Ecclesiastes 3 from memory -- there is a time to be born, a time to plant, a time to heal.

Then she adds a new one:

"There's a time to have goats, and a time not to have goats," she said.