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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010--Tax Day

Today is Tax Day!!

And in case you didn't know Tax Day is the day tax returns are due to the federal and state government from all U. S. citizens.
It is also the last day your tax return can be mailed. So unless you have made other arrangements and have applied for extensions you better hop to it!! The deadline is midnight for mailing!!

Did you know that April 15 has been called Tax Day since the year 1955? And that no law exists that says U.S. citizens must file tax returns? BUT the IRS recommends that you DO in order to avoid trouble .

Here's something you'll like alot!

Don't forget that today SubWay is having Customer Appreciation day!! So if you have to mail a check with that tax return a good deal is just what you will be looking for.....

On Thursday, if you buy any foot long sub at full price, you will get any foot long sub of equal or lesser value free.

Tom Harding, owner of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Subway locations, says it is no coincidence the day falls on this Thursday.

"We wanted to let our customers know we appreciate their business and to hopefully make their tax day a little better," explains Harding.

Harding says the offer is good throughout the day on Thursday at all Eastern Shore Subway locations.