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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cats and the Christmas Clean Up!

At the end of the Christmas holiday as you prepare to take down the tree are you like me and just hope and pray that you removed all ornaments and left none hanging? Do you not like sticking you arm into the half dead tree because you know its needles are going to poke you (again) and your hands will be sappy.

I have been known, a time or two........or three or leave a couple of ornaments inside the branches only to find them the next day, still clinging to the tree that is now outside.

Well, not this year!! My faithful companion was very grateful and extremely eager to assist me. Keep in mind this was her first experience with a pine tree.
After she jumped into the tree she went from limb to limb....................Even checking the drapes..........

Done! No ornaments left on the tree! All it cost me was some nice warm cuddle time and lots of praise.

She didn't bother to stay around for the rest of the clean up!!