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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Man Says He Was Not Let Into Court Because Of His Hair

"I don't like looking like nobody else," says Todd.

But he says his look caused a stir at Southaven, Mississippi Traffic Court Friday.

"The bailiff said you can't come in here with your hair like that. I was like what are you saying. He said, I told you that last time. My captain didn't like how your hair was. I said how is a black man supposed to wear his hair. He asked me to leave," says Todd.

He never got to the courtroom.

"It shouldn't be a problem at all. I'm going in there to conduct business. You got people murdering, killing doing all kinds of stuff and you wanna pinpoint my hair. I just think it's wrong," he says.

At Southaven court, no one would talk to us about the incident.

There is a dress code posted outside the Southaven Court. No halter tops, revealing clothing, tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, but nothing about hair.

Todd says he usually adds ornaments and lights to his hair, but didn't Friday because he was going to court.

At the Razor Sharp Barber and Beauty Shop, he gets help putting it all together.

Workers don't think he was trying to disrespect court.

"It can be a little distracting but that's who he is. Dreadlocks can be a little distracting for some people. Loud hair color," says stylist Kori Randolph.

"Does it say in court you have to have your hair a certain way? You have to have a crew cut. Don't have no law against certain hair styles, do they?" says business owner Waheeb Hammad.

"I am not gonna change it. This is me. I'm just in the Christmas spirit. That's what I do," says Todd.

Bobby Todd says he's been wearing his hair style since 1999 and it's never been a problem, especially at the beauty supply company where he works.

No comment from a judge who sets court dress code.