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Monday, April 4, 2011

~Don't Forget To Vote~

When the voting  ends tomorrow evening all the signs will come down and another Pocomoke election will be history.   Don't forget to VOTE !

Don't Forget To Vote On Tuesday

Pocomoke City Elections
Tuesday  April 5, 2011
Voting is held at the Pocomoke Libray,  301 Market Street


Good Luck Bruce!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pocomoke Mayoral Cadidate NOW Admits To Lending Violations

If you remember just a few days ago Frank Ward said he had done nothing wrong. Today in a hearing he admits to "unlicensed lending activity". But just as bad as lying, Mr. Ward was a no-show at his own hearing! Why wasn't he there? He had to be out of town. He didn't even have the decency to appear and face the people he cheated. That's not unusual, I guess. He never even had enough respect for the citizens of Pocomoke to announce he was running for Mayor.

This is what Channel 47 WMDT wrote:

The homeowners who accused Ward of mortgage fraud attended the hearing and admit they're pleased with Judge Laurie Bennett's decision to accept the terms of today's settlement between Ward and the Maryland Commission of Financial Regulation. According to the settlement, Ward agreed to cease and desist mortgage lending for 7 years.

"7 years is a long time," says Myra Frazier, the attorney for the homeowners, "I think it's going to have a detrimental impact on his business and I think that more importantly it will prevent future people from being victimized this way." "I'm very happy about that," homeowner, Vicki Ivey, tells WMDT 47 News. "He doesn't need to be practicing or lending...I'm relieved about that." Ivey entered into a mortgage agreement 2 years ago with Ward's company, The Money Centre in Salisbury. Ward's construction company built her home in Princess Anne.

Right now, Ward owes the State of Maryland $75,000 for the investigation and fees. It will be another 2 months before a final settlement order will be drafted, which will include changes to the mortgages and individual settlement plans for each homeowner. The State estimates there could be up to 50 mortgages in question. Ivey and her husband Lloyd say they don't mind the wait considering it took over a year for them to get to this point. The only disappointment of the settlement hearing, Ivey admits, is the fact that Ward was a no show at Tuesday's hearing. "This is a slap on the wrist, again. For him to admit what he's done, but he doesn't show any remorse. Why wasn't he here to say, and look at us, at least to say that he did us wrong?"

Ward's attorney, Melvin Caldwell, said he could not be at the hearing because he was out of town. Caldwell maintains the lending violations are nothing more than "technical violations".

WMDT confirmed Frank Ward is still on the ballot for Pocomoke City Mayor. The city election is in exactly 2 weeks, on Tuesday, April 5th.


Speak With Candidate Duffy

Candidate Duffy
for Pocomoke City

Wednesday March 23, 2011
6-8 PM
Don's Seafood Restaurant
US Hwy 13/Lankford Highway
South of Pocomoke City

Registration required---(443) 735-8462

Paid Political Ad by authority Edean Bundick, Treasurer, for Candidate, Dr. Lynn DUFFY

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Voter Information From Mayoral Candidate Lynn Duffy

Our town's website doesn't tell you as of 2/23; so here's info. onvoter registration & absentee ballots.
If you aren't certain you are registered to vote, call 410-632-3031.
Google 'Worcester County, Maryland', click on 'Voter" at top of page, click on "Voter Information' and another window pops open. Then, click on the link on the left of Information for 'Link for Voter Registration'. Deadline to register: March 7 th
If you need an application for absentee ballot, stop by City Hall or call 410-957-1333 and this must be returned by March 31 st if you don't wish to have to WALK into the voting polls. If aren't going to be in town April 5th, please call for an absentee ballot. As of Feb. 23 rd, they still don't have a link on the city's website!
"Remember, this candidate values and demonstrates true transparency and openness in her campaign,
and will do so once elected!"
or if you welcome a visit, or a chat in my office,
or even chat by telephone,
CALL 410-957-4200.
My campaign team is now delivering flyers and informing the community of this website. Due to inclement weather and demonstrating respect to individual property, this candidate will NOT show up 'uninvited', loitering, or trespassing on any property, 
we respect your property!
We believe government should, too.
This upcoming Pocomoke City election for Mayor is a chance and who you decide as Pocomoke Mayor is important"Revitalizing Pocomoke" - is our goal, with a vision for our youth! This is important for our community and our future!
The time is now as "Real People NEED Real Solutions!" for such a time as this!
     Check out an uplifting & encouraging blog!
Entire website is a paid political endorsement by authority of Edean Bundick, Treasurer, for Mayoral Candidate Dr. Lynn Duffy. Site activity is monitored and analyzed daily.