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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Remembering "JMMB" on June 11th

On June 11, 2014 The Pocomoke Public Eye's Brenda Wise

(screen name "JMMB") lost her serious health battle and we 

lost the spark plug of this blog site. In a posting here, PPE 

founder Tom Ayres commented that she loved "anything and

everything Pocomoke and the people of it."

"Somewhere Over The
Rainbow Bluebirds
 Pocomoke Public
Eye postings (April,
2008 to June, 2014)
kept us informed. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

There's More..

We don't have a big red button like above but here's a reminder that when you've scrolled through the Pocomoke Public Eye to where there's no more postings displayed just click on the bottom right hand corner of the screen where it rather inconspicuously says Older Posts and you can continue your journey on down the cyber highway. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Pocomoke Public Eye

Hi Pocomoke Public Eye readers.

Seven years ago this month I was invited to be a contributor to the Pocomoke Public Eye and I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing items stemming from my interest in searching newspaper archives. 

Unfortunately, circumstances of the past few years left The Pocomoke Public Eye without the services of PPE founder Tom Ayres, and the late Brenda Wise (JMMB) who worked so diligently and enthusiastically every day to keep things informative and interesting.

Although I wasn't able to devote the time to PPE that Tom and Brenda did I would have felt guilty not to try to at least keep it going to some extent. So that's what I've been doing these last several years with my weekly "Time Machine" postings and occasional fill-ins during the week. 

With the help of one or more additional contributors our Pocomoke Public Eye could be immensely enhanced.

Can you or someone you know contribute on an occasional or regular basis?  Items can be brief, lengthy, or in-between. All subjects in good taste are welcomed such  as Community News and Happenings, Opinions, Recollections, or specific interests you might be able to share in such areas as Sports, Fishing, Politics, History, Music, Gardening, Entertainment, Health, Technology, Science, Food & Cooking, Hobbies, etc.,etc.

Please contact me at .

Thank you for giving this consideration.