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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rigell Ousts Nye In Second District

VIRGINIA BEACH — Republican Scott Rigell rode a wave of conservative voters to knock off freshman Democrat Rep. Glenn Nye, recapturing a Hampton Roads swing district for the GOP, the Associated Press is projecting based on exit polling.

Rigell, who owns a chain of car dealerships in Hampton Roads, pushed his business background as the main reason that local voters should send him to Congress, blasting Democratic leaders for deficit spending.

The congressional midterm elections are an important indicator of the nation's political mood, and Republicans were expected to reclaim control of the House of Representatives and perhaps even the U.S. Senate.

Rigell's victory is a boon for the Virginia Republican Party because the district, which includes parts of Hampton and Norfolk and all of Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore, had been reliably Republican for a number of years prior to 2008.

Nye knocked off incumbent Thelma Drake during the 2008 campaign by eking out narrow victories in Hampton and Norfolk and rolling up a few thousand vote advantage in traditionally conservative Virginia Beach.

This year, there were early reports of heavy voter turnout in downtown Hampton at Armstrong Elementary School, which usually breaks for Democrats on Election Day. But further north in Hampton at Asbury Elementary School in Fox Hill Rigell signs surrounded the precinct where Nye gear was hard to spot.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woman's Club of Accomack County Hosting "Meet and Greet"

The Woman's Club of Accomack County is holding a "Meet and Greet" the candidates for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia's 2nd District on Thursday, October 21 at 2:00 PM at the Carrie Watson House on Richmond Avenue in Onley, according to Valena Gibb, Legislative Chairman of the Woman's Club of Accomack County.

Incumbent Glenn Nye, Kenny Golden and Mrs. Scott Rigell, in place of her husband, will be on hand representing their respective campaigns.

Each representative will have time to outline what they hope to accomplish in Congress. There will be time for questions, followed by refreshments and more time to talk with the candidates.

All voters, male and female, are invited to attend the event.

The election to decide the 2nd District of Virginia's next Congressman will be on Tuesday, November 2nd.