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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Public Programs ~ Delmarva Discovery Center

Interpretation Programs are back!
Starting March 2, every weekend on Saturday and Sunday, the Delmarva Discovery Center will host educational programs for the family!
Saturday's program Critter Corner featuring Diamondback terrapins, including our very own Scorchy! Here is a list of our interpretation programs for March.
Come check us out!

For More Info :  Delmarva Discovery Center
Delmarva Discovery on Facebook

Mar-Va Theater This Weekend

Friday, March 1st
Saturday, March 2nd
7 PM
All Seats  $5.00

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Riverside Grill ~ Pocomoke

FEBRUARY 16, 2013
 -Cream of Crab Soup w/ 1/2 tuna salad sandwich or side salad 6.99
 -NC Pulled Pork BBQ w/ cole slaw and hush puppies 6.99
 -Wedge Salad w/ blackened shrimp 8.99
 -Fried Oyster Basket (dozen) w/ fries 10.99
 -Ale Batter Fried Shrimp Basket w/ fries 8.99*

 *Take another $1 off shrimp baskets all day
 $2.50 Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas all day
@ 5 pm: $4 burgers
@ 8 pm: $3.50 Stoli drinks
 $3 Coronas, Corona lights, and Red Stripes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mar-Va Theater This Weekend


Friday, February 15th ~ 7PM
Saturday, February 16th ~ 7PM
 2:00 Show ~Sunday, February 17th
Tickets  $5.00

Sunday, January 27, 2013

REMINDER: The Crisfield Choir At The Mar-Va Theater TODAY

***BE ON TV***

Watch The Crisfield Choir
Led by International Choirmaster Sensation Gareth Malone as they perform for a television show on the USA network!
Sunday, January 27, 2013
Audience Check-in will be at 5 PM at the Mar-Va Theater
103 Market Street, Pocomoke City, MD 21851
Come support and show your love for the community
Admission is FREE!!
(Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WatchThe Crisfield Choir ~ Be On TV

***BE ON TV***
Watch The Crisfield Choir
Led by International Choirmaster Sensation Gareth Malone as they perform for a television show on the USA network!
Sunday, January 27, 2013
Audience Check-in will be at 5 PM at the Mar-Va Theater
103 Market Street, Pocomoke City, MD 21851
Come support and show your love for the community
Admission is FREE!!
(Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pocomoke City Donwtown Fall Festival ~ All Dog Parade !

Grand Prize for the Puppy Parade will also include a $100.00 Gift Certificate for Salty Dog Grooming and a Custom Portrait by Annette Hicks from Portraits by Nette!

Photo/Salty Dog Grooming

 Mark your calendar for October 6 because you sure don't want to miss the fun in downtown Pocomoke that day!!  (and your furry friend doesn't either!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Annual Fall Festival~ Vendor/Exhibitor Rules & Regulations & Form

Rules and Regulations
Pocomoke City Annual Fall Festival
October 6, 2012
The Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke are hosting the Annual Downtown Fall Festival in Pocomoke City, Maryland.

Any obligations, releases, waivers or hold harmless items provided in this agreement with the Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke City, shall be conclusively deemed to apply without exception to the City of Pocomoke, and/or any other agency or organization involved with the planning of this festival.

The success of the Annual Downtown Pocomoke Fall Festival depends on the parties fulfilling these rights, duties and obligations.

October 6th, 2012, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Location: Downtown Pocomoke City. Your space will be assigned when you pay. You will likely be placed along Market Street or Clarke Street, between Second & Front Streets. These streets will be blocked off. You will be told to set up either in the street or on the sidewalk.

Exhibit Fees: Application is attached for a 10 X 10-ft. space. The fee for a 10ft X 10ft space is $15.00. (The fee for 10ft X 20ft is $30.00) Space/booth/table assignments will be made at Association’s sole discretion, based on availability and on the date each paid application is received.

You must bring your own canopy/tents, table and chairs
and whatever you feel you need.

Signage is the responsibility of the Vendor/Exhibitor and must comply with the specification as stated below. Vendor/Exhibitor will be permitted to display signs identifying the Vendor/Exhibitor and goods and/or services with prices that are being offered to the public. Vendor/Exhibitor will be permitted to distribute handouts, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials within the confines of assigned exhibit space only. Signage can in no way conflict with or be contrary to the stated purpose of the Annual Downtown Pocomoke Fall Festival.

Unless agreed to in advance of the event, vendor/exhibitor is not allowed to sell knives, guns, swords, poppers, silly string or any paraphernalia deemed by the Downtown Pocomoke Association or Pocomoke City Police Department to be unsuitable for this event.

Security: Neither the Downtown Pocomoke Association nor the City of Pocomoke shall be responsible for lost or stolen items. Each Vendor/Exhibitor is expected to secure their area and its contents at the end of each day.

The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke for any loss that may occur through theft, vandalism, fire or acts of God.

The Vendor/Exhibitor is entirely responsible for the assigned booth/exhibit space and agrees to reimburse the City of Pocomoke for any damage to buildings and/or grounds, sustained within such space during the period of time the Vendor/Exhibitor has contracted for (including move-in and move-out).

Trash: Vendor/Exhibitor is expected to provide for trash collection in booth and to empty that trash into receptacles provided by the festival.

Payment: Payment is due with application no later than September 15, 2012, assuming space availability at that time.

Move-in and set-up on Saturday, October 6th, between 8:00am and 9:30am. All booths must be fully set up and operational by 9:30am and remain open until 3:00pm.

Compliance: The Vendor/Exhibitor must comply with all Vendor/Exhibitor Rules and Regulations relating to the Annual Downtown Fall Festival. These Rules and Regulations are to be considered an integral part of the attached registration form.

We look forward to your participation at our
Annual Downtown Fall Festival!
Thank you!


Non-Food Vendor Form
Pocomoke City Annual Fall Festival
October 6, 2012
Registration Deadline: September 15

Forthcoming Rules and Regulations will be considered an integral part of this Registration Form.

1. Contact Person: ______________________________________________

2. Company Name: _____________________________________________

3. Mailing Address: _____________________________________________

4. Telephone: __________________

5. Email: ______________________________________

7. Please include here a description of the items you will be selling or exhibiting:

9. Please reserve space as follows: (include all that apply)

Fees: $15 deposit per vendor, for a 10ft x 10ft space ($30 for 10ft x 20ft)
Free for non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations.

Number of Spaces ___________Amount Enclosed $__________
Please make checks payable to: Downtown Pocomoke Association

Mail completed form and checks to:
Angela Manos, City Hall, 101 Clarke Avenue, Pocomoke City, Maryland · 21851

Questions? Call: 410.603.1178, or Email:

Payment in full due by September 28, 2011*

Signature of Authorized Representative: ____________________________
*Early registrants may benefit from being included in marketing materials for the event.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pocomoke City Downtown Fall Festival ~ Vendors Welcome ~

Both food & non-food vendors are still welcome for our Downtown Fall Festival.

Forms available from DEADLINE:  SEPTEMBER 15

**Market Street from Second Street to Front Street will be closed off!** 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Good Neighbor Day" At Enchanted Florist Pocomoke



Wednesday  September 5, 2012

Receive a dozen flowers (while supplies last) when you bring in a minimum of 5 non-perishable food, paper or hygiene products.

You keep one flower for yourself and give the others away to 11 different people.

ALL donations go to the
Samaritan Shelter in Pocomoke City.

So, be a "Good Neighbor" and contribute to the community and make someone smile with a flower!!
Open at 6:30 a.m. until they are gone.

Just look for the balloons !!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Delmarva Discovery Wish List

**If you have any items that you would like to donate, please call Aquarist Sarah Rubin at 410-957-9933 x 104.   Or email her at: **

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another First: Third Friday Art Stroll ~ Downtown Pocomoke City

What a wonderful evening to stroll downtown Pocomoke!  Clear skies, nice breeze, plenty to see and lots of people!  Most of us have always been aware that there are many talented people in and around Pocomoke but Friday night gave so many  the chance to see who these people actually are and how gifted they are at what they do. Whether it's painting, singing,  photography or baking each individual person is greatly talented!

Finally got a chance to visit  "Second Time Around".  Well, they have just about everything you can think of for sale and lots to look at. I saw a few things I would love to have but just have no place to put them.

 Jenny Somers had her art work on display and she has always made painting look so easy and so much fun.  Learning to paint is on my 'bucket list', Jenny.  Oh, and I did order a handpainted Christmas tree ornament with the Riverside Grill on it for my tree this year.  Can't wait to see it!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and a night this always gives you the opportunity to see people you haven't seen in a long time.  We enjoyed immensely.  Stores were filled with people and each one had their share of refreshments! 
A team of police officers Pocomoke City can be proud of.
Officer Perkins, Lee Brumley ( once a  wonderful Pocomoke City officer for many years and is now with Somerset County), Lt. Craven, Officer Tucker and Officer Zina Means.  They made their rounds up and down the street Friday evening chatting, getting acquainted with those they did not know. 

Everytime I've been to Pocomoke I've always missed the chance to go into Cole's Cakes.  I like cake- especially cupcakes and Friday night, with my husband with me,  this was my chance to get him to buy me some of those delicious treats everyone raves about.  My photo that I took of her new painted store front turned out cummy- so I'm borrowing hers that was taken during the block party a few weeks ago.
Cole's Cakes Photo
If you haven't had any of these cupcakes please take time to drop by and purchase one.  The itty bitty ones were yummy but you really do need to go for the larger ones.......Husband ate his that night.  I saved mine for breakfast the next morning....yes, I did.  Well, that chocolate cupcake is history and I am ready for MORE!  The first thing I noticed about the cupcake, aside from being delicious, was how light it was.  I'm not telling any more- just try them.  Now, I did take a photo of the dinosaur cake being made but that photo came out looking like something hideous so I'll just opt to post a photo of it when the cake is decorated.
Thanks again Cole's Cakes for being so kind and helpful.  Thanks for the pastry bag...will use it when I stuff strawberries!
Mar-Va Theater was filled and Riverside Grill was doing a fantastic business!  Keep in mind that there were many more displays of talent  by the artists besides the ones I have posted. 
Friday evening was fun!  Angela Manos, Downtown Coordinator for Pocomoke City, deserves an applause as do all the merchants, Pocomoke Chamber of Commerce and everyone that displayed their talents. 

FYI- I received a phone call late Friday night to tell me that downtown Pocomoke was still abuzz well after 9:00 with people strolling....
This is  good and many of us can't wait until the next time!

Great job, Angela!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Discovery Center Welcomes "Lady G"

These are fascinating to watch!

Photo/Brian Garrett
 The Discovery Center welcomes "Lady G", otherwise known as Gagita, the black and gold orbweaver.

Photo/Brian Garrett
Come say Hi or watch her as she catches her prey in her stunning web. 

OPEN TONIGHT (Thursday) Until 7 PM

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pocomoke City "National Night Out" 2012

Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell and the Pocomoke City Police Department did an excellant job  in hosting the National Night Out in Pocomoke last night.  I'm sure lots of the planning was left up to Angel and some others and they did a marvelous job!  A big thank you to all of you from me.  Great job!!

Pocomoke City certainly has had lots of great things happening in the past few months.  Most of  accomplishments  had been on the drawing board for quite awhile.  New restaurants, ribbon cutting ceremonies, a block party, a new station for the Pocomoke City Police Department, a new Pocomoke City Police Chief....the list goes on.  However, as excited as we all are when these things come around there is always a part in some (including myself)  that think of those that have passed this lifetime and wish so much they were here to enjoy what would have made them so proud also. 

 Councilman Honis Cane, Mayor Curt Lippoldt and Councilman Bob Hawkins....  They would be excited.  Most of all they would be proud.

The late Councilman Bob Hawkins in a photograph with Retired Pocomoke City Police Chief J.D. Ervin.

Mayor Bruce Morrison with Pocomoke City Chief Kelvin Sewell
Thanks for everything Mr. Mayor and Chief!
Laura and Mayor Morrison
Chief Sewell and Laura.  By the way, that's my husband in the background.  Bless his heart.  I drug him right from work to Cypress Park.  I appreciate the fact that he understands how important it is for me to be in Pocomoke and how much I love these people.....(they let me take their pictures)  Besides, my husband keeps upgrading my cameras so it's partly "his fault".

The first person to greet me at the park yesterday evening was someone I have known forever and had not seen for many years.  That's Oscar Townsend on the left with Councilman Don Malloy, Chief Sewell, and Councilman Rob Clarke.
Most of us were thinking hot dogs for dinner but hamburgers and french fries were served.  These guys did some fast grilling and lots of it.  Thanks to all of you.  It was great!

OC 104 kept the music going....and going....

 Pocomoke Karate showed all of us what they could do.  The young people are amazing!  The discipline they have is just amazing...even for the tiny ones.

Not a very nice photo of the small dog.  He was standing in line and seemed to actually have a smile on his tiny face. 

I believe this is Pocomoke City Police Lt. Green speaking with a couple of gentlemen who stopped by for National Night Out.

There's more............