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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Working To Keep Your Holiday Safe

Maryland State Police News Release

Maryland State Police To Increase Patrols Ahead Of Christmas, New Year’s Traffic Surges

(PIKESVILLE, Md.) – The Maryland State Police will be working to ensure motorists get to and from their travel destination safely between Christmas and New Year’s.

Troopers from each of the 23 Maryland State Police barracks who patrol every county will continue to focus enforcement efforts on impaired driving, aggressive driving, speeding, distracted driving and other violations that often contribute to highway tragedies, especially during the holiday season.  Additional troopers will be working overtime assignments funded by highway safety grants from the Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office.

Extra holiday traffic this week through New Year’s includes additional Maryland state troopers who will be using a variety of patrol initiatives to keep traffic moving, respond quickly to highway incidents and take appropriate enforcement action when violations are observed that threaten the safety of travelers.

Through Nov. 30, state police have made 6,689 DUI arrests, compared to 6,508 over the same period in 2017. During distracted driving enforcement, troopers have made 32,839 traffic stops and issued 15,194 citations and 17,638 warnings through Nov. 30. This compared to 36,269 traffic stops and issuing 16,934 citations and 19,334 warnings for distracted driving over the same period in 2017.

Among those assisting with this initiative will be the State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort, or SPIDRE, team. The targeted law enforcement program was launched in May 2013 and focuses on reducing alcohol related crashes in Maryland by targeting areas across the state with high crash rates involving impaired drivers.

This weekend inclement weather is forecast for up and down the East Coast, including the I-95 corridor in Maryland. Drivers are reminded to reduce speed and increase following distances during periods of rain or snow. Drivers can always check on the latest travel conditions in Maryland by visiting or by dialing 511.

Every year more than 160 lives are lost and thousands more are injured in Maryland in crashes involving impaired drivers, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. Please don’t drink and drive over the holiday travel season.

If you are attending a Christmas and/or a New Year’s Eve gathering:
  • Designate your sober driver in advance and give that person your car keys.
  • If you’re planning on driving, avoid drinking.
  • Consider using public transportation, call a taxi or use a ride-share service if you don’t have a sober driver.
  • Don’t let a friend drive if you think they are impaired.
  • If you see someone who you believe is driving impaired, call police.
  • Always buckle up.
  • Don’t text, use a cellphone that is not hands-free or drive distracted.
If you are hosting a Christmas and/or a New Year’s Eve gathering:
  • Remember, you can be held liable if someone you served alcohol to ends up in an impaired-driving crash.
  • Serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Ensure sober drivers or alternative modes of transportation are set up in advance for guest who are planning to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Have contact information for local taxi companies and/or ride-share services readily available.
  • Take away the keys from anyone who is thinking of driving impaired.
Troopers are urging motorists to avoid impaired driving and plan for a designated driver or a sober ride home. Help us keep Maryland highways safe throughout this holiday season.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Holiday Patrol Results..

Maryland State Police News Release

Troopers Labor Throughout State Yielded Positive Results

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – The Labor Day weekend efforts of the Maryland State Police had a positive effect on reducing crashes and keeping the public safe to enjoy the last holiday of summer.

Preliminary information indicates from September 4 through September 7, 2015, troopers made approximately 8,075 traffic stops.  They issued 5,493 citations and 4,720 warnings.  There were 126 drunk driving arrests and 866 repair orders issued for defective vehicle equipment.

In support of the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign, S.P.I.D.R.E., a full-time drunk driving enforcement team, was out this weekend in areas of Prince George’s County where drunk drivers and drunk driving crashes are known to be prevalent. The team arrested 20 impaired drivers and issued over 120 citations.  Five of those drivers arrested were repeat offenders.

The traffic enforcement efforts of the Maryland State Police led to criminal violations as well.  Troopers made 65 arrests and an additional 75 wanted people were arrested on outstanding criminal warrants.

Troopers assigned to the Southern Maryland and Eastern Shore regions worked the Operation SHOWBOAT initiative and inundated the Route 50 corridor from the Chesapeake Bay to Ocean City.  Operation Millipede enforcement efforts placed troopers along the entire I-95/I-495 corridor from the Delaware to Virginia state lines.  Both operations successfully contributed to highway safety this weekend.  During these initiatives there were no fatal or serious crashes.

The Maryland State Police continue to support the Maryland Highway Safety Office’s ‘Move Toward Zero Deaths’ campaign. These high visibility enforcement efforts reduce the number of aggressive driving motor vehicle crashes in which speed, alcohol and other driving violations are contributing factors to crashes on Maryland roads.  Troopers will continue initiatives throughout the year.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Holiday Traffic..

Maryland State Police News Release

Troopers Anticipate Higher Traffic Volume This Labor Day Weekend

(PIKESVILLE, MD) –With more economical gas prices this Labor Day weekend, troopers expect an increase in vehicle traffic on Maryland roads.

As Labor Day approaches, the Maryland State Police prepare statewide for an increase in traffic.  Troopers remind motorists the most important objective while traveling is to arrive safely. The best ways to accomplish this are to know before you go, remove distractions from the vehicle, and never drink and drive.

Troopers will also be conducting high visibility traffic enforcement.  Operations SHOWBOAT (SHOre-Wide Bullseye On Aggressive Traffic) and Millipede both will focus on aggressive driving, crash reduction, and impaired driving. Operation SHOWBOAT will concentrate its efforts on U.S. Route 50 from Anne Arundel County to Ocean City and U.S. Route 13 in Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester counties. Operation Millipede will focus its efforts on I-95 from the Delaware Line to the Virginia Line.

These high visibility enforcement efforts are to reduce the number of aggressive driving motor vehicle crashes in which speed, alcohol and other driving violations are contributing factors to crashes on Maryland roads. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Troopers Increase Efforts To Reduce Crashes This Weekend

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – As part of a national effort to reduce an increase in traffic fatalities, Colonel Marcus L. Brown, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, has directed troopers to increase their efforts to reduce traffic crashes through enforcement this weekend.

Each of the 22 Maryland State Police barracks will deploy special patrols this weekend to reduce crashes in their areas of responsibility. Nationally, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities are up 13.5 percent for the first quarter of 2012. In Maryland, there was an increase of 6 percent. From January 1, 2011 to July 23, 2011, there were 239 fatalities on Maryland roads. During the same period this year, there were 251 fatalities. Additional crash reduction enforcement initiatives will be conducted throughout 2012.

Aggressive drivers, speed violators, distracted drivers, impaired drivers and seatbelt violators will be the focus for Maryland state troopers, particularly in high crash areas throughout the state. State Police crash data reveals the following highways as key roads for the crash reduction efforts: Interstate 695 and Interstate 83 in Baltimore County, Interstate 495 in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, Interstate 70 in Baltimore, Howard, and Frederick counties and U.S. Route 301 in Prince George’s County. Barracks serving other parts of the state will be conducting enforcement efforts in key areas identified locally as having a high number of crashes.

“This is a statewide public safety concern and we believe focusing our attention on those areas prone to motor vehicle crashes will lead to safer travel for all motorists,” Colonel Marcus L. Brown said. “This enforcement initiative is an effective means of preventing a raise of motor vehicle crashes in Maryland. Our troopers will be out in force specifically targeting aggressive and distracted drivers, speed violators, impaired drivers, and those not wearing their seatbelts.”

The crash reduction enforcement initiative is part of the Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The Strategic Highway Safety Plan, or SHSP, is a statewide, comprehensive safety plan designed to reduce crashes and the resulting fatalities and injuries by sharing resources and targeting efforts to the areas of greatest need. Partners in the SHSP include the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Motor Vehicle Administration and the Maryland Highway Safety Office. The Maryland State Police, in cooperation with local law enforcement, is supporting the enforcement component of the plan.

The goal of the SHSP is to reduce motor vehicle fatalities and crashes in Maryland. Troopers plan to achieve this goal by deterring motorists from speeding and engaging in poor driving practices with aggressive enforcement and zero tolerance for traffic violations.

The Maryland State Police remind motorists to avoid aggressive driving behavior, to obey the speed limit, to be attentive drivers, avoid driving while impaired, and to make sure all occupants are wearing seatbelts or are in child safety seats in the vehicle. A driver’s effort may save their life or the life of another.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Virginia State Police To Increase Patrols During Holiday

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia State Police will increase traffic enforcement efforts for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Stepped-up patrols aimed at catching speeders, impaired drivers and failure to use occupant restraints will begin on Friday and continue through midnight Monday.

During the 2009 holiday period, State Police statewide stopped nearly 7,400 speeders and 2,140 reckless drivers. In addition, 949 summonses were issued for failing to use seat belts or properly secure children.

Also, changes to Virginia's "Move Over" law begin Thursday. The law already requires motorists to move over, when possible, when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. The law will expand to include towing, repair and highway maintenance vehicles displaying amber-colored flashing lights.