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Friday, July 22, 2011

Photos Of The Last Launch Into Space For Atlantis

Thursday July 21, 2011 at 5:56 AM the Atlantis, along with the four astronauts touched down after its last 13 day mission to the International Space Station. A perfect landing and I guess a perfect end to the space travel as we know it. For 30 years we've watched astronauts take off and land and never once thought there may come a time such as this.

Can you remember 30 years back? Can you remember where you were and if you watched the first launch? I was at work seated in front of the television with my boss. Remembering back over the years that is probably where I saw most of the many, if not all, of the launches. Being there and seeing a launch from Cape Canaveral was just as the moon and the stars have been for many of us - never within reach.

But what is important to me know is NOT the landing of Atlantis today, except for the fact that the four aboard the Atlantis returned to Earth without one horrible incident that would have marred it's voyage forever.

I prefer to remember the beginning - that first day of Atlantis' last trip into space- kind of like the beginning to the end.
What so many do not know is that a local young woman and her husband traveled to Florida to actually witness this last launch of Atlantis. Keep in mind that this couple weren't even born when the Atlantis headed for space 30 years ago.

Cindi (nee Major) and husband Dave Pietroski spent a few days touring the Kennedy Space Center taking in the sights and with Cindi of course, snapping photos. Both of them are true lovers of excitement and I sort of think Cindi was afraid her husband would board the Atlantis for the final flight! Just kidding, of course. But I would't be afraid to bet that if asked to go they'd go in a heartbeat!

She has given me permission to post a few of her photos of the last flight into space for Atlantis.

First please listen to the video salute the astronauts aboard Atlantis sent to the workers at Wallop's Space Flight Facility.
Here are just a few of the many photos taken by Cindi. What a wonderful way to remember the last Atlantis space flight.