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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lost Dog Reunited With Family Is 'Christmas Miracle'

WASHINGTON - Andi Vanko starts her mornings with a prayer: "I say, 'Please don't let me see a little stray on the side of the road.'"

Because if Vanko sees one, she'll stop for it.

And that's exactly what happened on Christmas Day.

She, her boyfriend and her mom were in the car driving along Route 140 in Carroll County when she saw it - a little Golden Retriever dashing in and out of traffic.

Vanko and her boyfriend were chatting and laughing while her mom slept in the back seat.

"I started screaming and he says the next thing he knows, we're flying across the turn lane and two lanes of traffic."

Vanko got out of the car and called to the little dog.

"And she came bounding to me and jumped on me like, 'Please! Help me!'" Vanko says.

Vanko hustled the dog into her already-full car, and drove on to her sister's house for Christmas dinner.

When she got there, she explained the situation. Soft hearts seem to run in the family.

Her sister had one question: "Does she bite?" When Vanko told her no, she added "Okay, let's get a leash. Bring her in, we'll feed her."

They checked her collar and found three tags, one with the word "GRREAT" on it.

Vanko thought that was odd.

"I looked at her and I said "GRREAT! What a funny name for you!'"

GRREAT wasn't the dog's name. It was an acronym for Golden Retriever Rescue Education And Training.

A call to the organization was returned quickly: The dog had been microchipped, the GRREAT volunteer was able to crosscheck a database and within hours, the dog's owners were on the way to pick up their wayward pup "Jazzy."

Vanko says a couple from Silver Spring had been in the area for a hike when Jazzy bolted and took off. They had no luck trying to catch her.

Vanko says she could see why. When she stopped to get the dog, two men approached the dog and she initially thought they were the owners. Like, her, they stopped to try to catch the dog, who had been dodging traffic on Route 140 for about 15 minutes when Vanko stopped.

Vanko says that's one reason she says that little prayer each morning.

"For some reason, stray animals have always been drawn to me."

When the dog's owners showed up, Vanko was thrilled for them, but admits she was a bit sad.

She lost her own dog about a year and a half ago and had already given the dog a new name, "Holly."

"She spent the day with us and she was the perfect little creature! And I thought, I hope no one calls me back about this little dog!"

But being able to reunite the dog with her owners was its own reward.

"When she saw her daddy, she was over the moon. And they were so thankful. They gave me a big, big hug. It was like a little Christmas miracle."

GRREAT is a local rescue group that offers all kinds of help and advice to those looking for a dog, and those who feel they have to surrender their dogs. Learn more about the organization by clicking here.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boo Boo and Yogi- Brother and Sister Doggies Are Lost

If you are familiar with this blog you may remember the story I put up a couple of weeks ago about "Sir" and a black dog named Boo Boo. Two days after I posted that story Boo Boo went missing with his sister Yogi.

It was on a Sunday almost two weeks ago that Boo Boo and Yogi visited us, got treats, played for a while then ran on home. We went the whole week without one glimpse of Boo Boo and his bag of new treats is still unopened waiting for him to return. A visit to our neighbor (where Boo Boo and Yogi actually belong) was a waste of time for "Sir". The response from the owner was that they were fine and had probably just run off to the community around the corner. Huh? They had already been gone a week.

I guess this type of ownership for some animal owners is exceptable and maybe they think they are good dog lovers simply because they feed their pets. I have my own thoughts on that.

A nice conversation with Animal Control in my area today (concerned that the pair had been locked up by them) really gave me some insight on what's going on with Boo Boo and Yogi. I did however, express my concern about the dogs being allowed to run free because I was sure the animals had NOT had the required shots. After I explained the situation and assured her that we wanted to help Boo Boo she told me that Boo Boo probably has "that scent" up his nose! We had a good chuckle about that!

So now it has finally dawned on me that Boo Boo has gone to find a girl friend and with his sister Yogi beside him she's looking for a "guy" dog. So, I guess it will be a long time before they come home. If they ever do.

This Sunday it will be two weeks since "Sir" and Boo Boo were together and "Sir" truly misses him and wants him back so Boo Boo can get his medical attention and join our family and be warm, dry, fed, well loved and spoiled.

If you live in the Sanford, Virginia area, or know anyone who does, and have seen Boo Boo PLEASE leave a message here. We have driven every road back over and over. My one fear is that with trappers on the water and water nearby these puppies have gotten hungry and have been caught in a trap.

If you are in this area keep your eyes open for this pair. Boo Boo and Yogi both need to come home. Boo Boo will be coming here!Please keep in mind if you think you see them they are now a year old. They both will answer to their names. Especially Boo Boo.