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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selling Marijuana-Laced Baked Goods On Face Book Will Get You Busted

I'm thinking that if Alice B. Toklas were alive today she wouldn't be smiling.... for alot of reasons.

PAYNE COUNTY, Okla. -- A Stillwater woman is arrested after selling baked goods that came with an illegal special ingredient. Stillwater police say the suspect had been selling food laced with marijuana.

She's now facing several felony charges.

"It's not something we see everyday," said Captain Randy Dickerson with the Stillwater police department.

Dickerson says investigators arrested the suspect, Sarah Probasco, this week for running the illegal home bakery.

"It looked like what she was doing was extracting marijuana, putting it into some butter, and then using it to produce baked products," Dickerson said.

Probasco would also allegedly sell the illegal food over the internet; she even advertised on Facebook.

"Apparently she had a bakery business called "Basco Bakery" she was promoting. She even had some apparel she was trying to market promoting marijuana-laced baked goods," said Dickerson.

Police found marijuana when searching Probasco's home.

She now faces several charges of possession and distribution.
No one's laughing about that.

"Just because they're putting it in cookies and other baked goods, doesn't make any less of a crime," said Dickerson.

Stillwater police say they had been investigating the case for several months.

Over that time, they were able to make several purchases from the suspect.