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Saturday, April 24, 2010



Kristen Shockley

Pocomoke City, Maryland

Age: 19 Ht.: 5'3" Wt. 145 lbs.

Medium long red hair and freckles

Last seen Apr. 6, 2010

Boarded the transit bus enroute to WorWic Tech in Salisbury, Md. but never made it to class.

An anonymous phone call to her mother on April 8 stated that they had seem Kristen in Salisbury in the Booth Street area.

April 8, 2010 Kristen called her mother from a police department in Baltimore, Md.and her mother left immediately to drive to Baltimore to pick her up. The officer that Kristen's mother spoke with said that they could not hold Kristen because she was an adult. Kristen left the police dept. to get a pack of cigerettes and never returned. The police dept. and store Kristen was referring to are almost within sight of each other. This would be in the area of Windsor Mill Road and Woodlawn Drive, the western district in Baltimore County. Baltimore, Maryland.

Her purse and cell phone were stolen so she may have no identification.

If you have ANY information PLEASE CALL:

Pocomoke City Police @ (410) 957-1600

T. Parks @ (410) 603-5146

B. Northam @ (410) 957-2496 OR

email this site at