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Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh, The Rain!!!!

I'm a sunlight person. I love the sun no matter what time of year it is. The winter months are fine with me if the days are bright. But, oh, those dreary ones and the rainy ones that make my mind wonder why it even got out of bed. Now, don't get me wrong. Rainy days are fine and I do from time to time sneak back into bed when my husband has left for work. Shhhh........

But come on..........more rain???

I was reminded on Saturday that the weather could be worse and I will agree one hundred percent. But! Come on now. We've had our share of rain and goodness knows we have had more than our share of snow!

Not today, folks. And probably not tomorrow. And here I was all geared up to take on everything I hadn't done or couldn't do during those dreary, dark days.

Oh, well. I'll try to keep the "bright attitude" my grandmother always talked about. Monday will be the same routine it has been for weeks. But I'm telling you, my umbrella and rain coat are becomming a little disgruntled. Now that's going to be a happy trio this afternoon........a raincoat that doesn't like being wet anymore, an umbrella that is tired of going up and down, and me..........looking for that "bright attitude".

Nothing else to do but "suck it up" and make the best of it. Those bright sunny days will get here. The rain will stop. Spring will come I'm sure and bring all the life and color it always does.

Just don't speak to me about HOT and don't tell me that there is a DROUGHT!

I am NOT a duck!! And the rock I crawled out from under this morning is now occupied.

And to really yank my chain I just received pictures of sun and white puffy clouds from one of my dearest friends on my facebook page. Gonna go see if she has some space down there.........

At least until spring...........................

Which begins on Saturday.
And I can't wait!!!