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Friday, December 4, 2009

Soldier Surprises Virginia Beach Girl Scouts

Army Specialist Andrew Dickey had no idea he would be receiving a standing ovation from a group of local girl scouts - especially since he's in town to say thank you to them.

The young girls in Virginia Beach troop 436 and troop 568 collected more than 200 boxes of girl scout cookies and shipped them all to Specialist Dickey and his troop in Iraq.

"The troops do so much for us and we never want to make them feel like they are unappreciated," one girl scout said.

Specialist Dickey just got home from deployment two weeks ago, and to let the girls know their act of kindness didn't go unnoticed, he surprised them at their holiday party with pizza and drinks.

"They did something for us and we usually don't get stuff like that, the least we can do is throw them a pizza party, say thank you for what they did for us," Dickey said.

The girls were very pleased with the pleasant surprise from Dickey.

"I thought it was good because it was special because it was a soldier from Iraq that came," said Haley Maydak, a girl scout.

"We are so proud that they are out there protecting the U.S.A., and it's because of them that we can be free."

The girl scout support for our troops doesn't end with cookies - right now they are making cards to send to troops serving overseas.