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Upcoming Community Events/ March 29- 31

The Pocomoke Ministerial Association will be having a Community Good Friday Service at the Abundant Life Apostolic Church on Front Street on Friday, March 29 at noon.

Pitts Creek and Beaver Dam Presbyterian Churches and Salem and Bethany Methodist Churches will have a joint Easter Morning Sunrise Service on the dock behind Salem church at 6:30 am on March 31. All are invited.


Photo BW
This photos was taken on Sunday March 16, 2013 in a small community in Accomack County.  It is a photo of a control burn which is completely legal in the county after 4 PM.  Residents must call the nonemergency number to inform Accomack 911 Center that you will be burning.  It's a law that comes into effect in Virginia every February.  This year it should have been thought about sooner.

Saxis Volunteer Fire Company was alerted which resulted in the response of a brush truck followed by their tanker.

Normally this would have been no big deal but with Accomack County working on 71 unsolved arsons since November 12, 2012 IT IS!

Tuesday evening fire units were called to an abandoned structure fire.  The alerted fire departments responded to such fire in the same manner they have always responded only to find that this was a control burn.  Someone had seen flames and called the fire into 911 which in turn alerted the needed stations and sent them scrambling to a fire that did not need their response at all.  Control burn.

What a waste of resources in every capacity!  Our emergency personnel investigator, police officers, and anyone working deeply with this investigation is worn out! 

And this disturbed me greatly. It wasn't the residents fault for calling in a fire.  We have been told repeatedly to report anything suspicious.  And how can anyone consider even striking a match knowing the possibility  that a control burn can become uncontrollable in a matter of seconds.

These are two I am aware of.

However, things changed Wednesday afternoon.  I'm just sorry the change didn't happen sooner.  And shame on ALL the supervisors of Accomack County if you had to wait for your regular meeting to discuss this dire situation.

But it is what it is and I just hope everyone adheres to it because if I see a flame I'll be upset again.

Thank you Sheriff Todd Godwin !

Controlled Burn Ban.

The Accomack County Sheriff's Dept. says this was necessary after a few controlled fires caused already exhausted firefighters to rush out to the fires.

Wednesday - March  20, 2013
ACCOMAC--The Accomack County Board of Supervisors approved a request made by Accomack County Sheriff Todd Godwin to authorize a temporary ban on controlled burns because of the arson spree plaguing the county.
here have been over 70 arsons in Accomack County since November

 Godwin said firefighters already weary from responding to near-nightly arsons were called out needlessly to two controlled burns Tuesday night, one in Painter and another in Poplar Cove.

Passersby reported the fires.

“We are taxing our firefighters now…God bless them, they are worn out,” said Godwin.
The board unanimously approved authorizing a standing committee to implement the ban, similar to what happens during a drought.
The board will reconsider the ban on a month-to-month basis.
 Supervisors agreed to exempt the town of Chincoteague from the ban after Supervisor Wanda Thornton, who represents the island community, said it has a serious issue with pine bark beetles that would make a burn ban a hardship.

“We have to burn them, there’s no other way,” she said of hundreds of affected trees on the island.

 None of the arsons have occurred on Chincoteague.
Godwin said he knows the burn ban will place a burden on area farmers and others, but said the safety of firefighters outweighs those concerns at present.

“I think we’ve got to protect our firefighters and our law enforcement,” he said.
The ban includes all towns in the county with the exception of Chincoteague.
Godwin assured the board, “We are doing everything possible to catch this person or persons” and thanked supervisors for their support.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Residents Pray For End To Arsons

Jason Marks/WAVY
ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - Tuesday night, local churches on the Eastern Shore teamed up to pray for an arrest of an arsonist who has so far burned more than 70 structures.
At Nandua High School in Onley, approximately 100 residents gathered for a prayer service.

Interactive Timeline: Eastern Shore arsons

"We should have been doing this after there were 10 arsons or 20 arsons," Reverend Steve Jones said.  "If it goes on long enough, someone will be serious injured or killed."
Accomac resident Ada Jo said there is fear throughout the county.
"I think everybody is afraid somebody will be hurt or someone's home will be burned," Jo said.

Brooks Pruitt, also from Accomac, said the prayer service was held in an effort to halt the terrorizing acts.

"The Bible says if you ask in his name you will receive it," Pruitt said. "So, we are asking."

"We're doing this because we think we need God's help, God's intervention," Jones said.

The group also prayed for the safety of volunteer firefighters, who are also receiving help in the form of donations from a Harrisburg, Pa. fire department. 

Locals throughout the Eastern Shore are setting up collection boxes for bottled water, hot chocolate, coffee, snack foods and cups for the firefighters.

There will be a similar prayer event Thursday at the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Temperanceville at 7 p.m.


Pocomoke City Police Chief Will Speak To Youths

Melanie Bolling from the Save the Youth organization has announced that
Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin D. Sewell will be speaking to the youth of the Pocomoke City community....

TOPIC:  Bullying

LOCATION: New Macedonia Baptist Church

DATE/TIME:   Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 6:00 pm

The Save the Youth organization is in the process of making some changes in order to make its group of youths more attractive to the community.  Your support will be appreciated.

Persons in the community of Pocomoke interested are also invited to attend.

For more info contact Ms. Bolling at 410-957-1750

Exmore Moose Lodge Accepting Donations For Accomack Co. Fire Departments


A Minute with Mike: Maryland's Outrageous Gas Tax & Budget

A Minute With Mike....

From March 15,2013

Driving While Impaired/Under Influence Gets One Arrested

On March 17, 2013 a Worcester County Sheriff's Office Deputy stopped a vehicle for weaving from lane to lane on Rt 50 near Bell Road. The driver, Ryan Taylor 21 of Salisbury Md. Appeared to have been drinking. Mr. Taylor performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

Taylor was arrested and charged with Driving While Impaired and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Taylor was released pending trial.

Lieutenant Edward C. Schreier
Worcester County Sheriff's Office  

Worcester County Sheriff's Dept. Looking To Arm Schools With Armed Officers

By Alyana Gomez
WORCESTER COUNTY, Md. - Law enforcement in Worcester County crunched the numbers and put a price tag on the cost to increase safety in area schools.

The Sandy Hook tragedy prompted a call for action, to heighten security in our schools nationwide, and now the Worcester County Sheriff's Department is responding.

"It's paramount that we have an armed police officer there who can make an arrest, who has been trained properly, who can make that split second decision whether to use deadly force," said Lt. Andy McGee, of the Worcester County Sheriff's Department.

The goal is to have 13 new deputies for each public school. The projected price is $1.7 million.

Police broke things down for WMDT. They say the base salary for a deputy is around $42,000. The cost of their patrol car is about $27,000, and the Tough Book system inside their car costs about $5,000. To hire one deputy, officials say it will cost the department about $121,000.

"The reason that cost is so high is because Ford doesn't make a sedan anymore, so we have to go to an SUV style vehicle," said Lt. McGee. He explained that the department is now shelling out more than $10,000 in those SUV vehicles, rather than the Crown Victoria they used to buy.

Worcester County School officials say they're backing this proposal and hope to add new safety features, like a buzzer entry system and magnetic key card for administrators coming back into the building from those portable classrooms.

"The governor has set aside $25 million for school safety, and school systems across our state are waiting to see how much is going to be allocated and we're in the same mode," said Barbara Witherow, Safety Committee Member and Coordinator for Public Relations for Worcester County Schools.

Police say if they're awarded grants it will most likely cover three years. After that, the county will have to absorb the costs. This proposal will be pitched at the Worcester County Commissioner's meeting around 10:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Right now the proposal is only to have officers in public schools, not private schools. However, police say they're in the beginning stages and will look into that later on.


Le Tour De Shore Event

Le Tour De Shore

Come bike on the beautiful country roads of the Eastern Shore.  Our charming little towns are sprinkled with historic homes, museums, art galleries and shops that we are sure you’ll want to come back and visit after your ride.  All routes start at and end at the Onancock School, 6 College Ave., Onancock, Virginia.  Saturday, May 18 is also “Super Saturday” in the town of Onancock. For more information on “Super Saturday” visit the town website.

Event Information

  • Saturday, May 18, 2013
  • All routes start and end at the Onancock School, 6 College Ave., Onancock, VA . Rides start at 8 a.m. with registration starting at 7:15 a.m.
  • Choose from:
    • 17 Mile (9 a.m. Start)
    • 30 Mile (9 a.m. Start)
    • 55 Mile (8 a.m. Start)
    • 70 Mile (8 a.m. Start)
    Completion of the ride is optional.
  • Designated rest stops with restrooms, beverages and light snacks.
  • Sag (Support and Gear) Wagon support available from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • All participants must complete an event waiver prior to participating in the ride.
  • Participants 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the route and must wear a helmet.
  • Finish line festivities from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • The ride will take place rain or shine. No refunds.
  • BBQ Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. back at the Onancock School.    
 Registration Information


  • Adults:
    • Early registration fee is $45
    • After April 15, 2013 - $55
    • Day of Tour - $60
  • Children:
    • Ages 7 to 15 - $25
    • Under 7 is FREE


Online: Individuals can register online with a credit card.
Paper Form: Download a registration form, and     
  • Complete and mail-in with check made payable to the ESVA Chamber of Commerce, or...
  • Drop off at the Eastern Shore of VA Chamber of Commerce Office in Melfa, VA, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ES FoodBank

A portion of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce proceeds will benefit the Eastern Shore Coalition against Domestic Violence.

ESVA Chamber of Commerce

Worcester County Community Meetings

Community Meetings

Germantown Community Meeting,  April 5 at New Bethel United Methodist Church on Germantown Rd at 6 pm.

Bishopville Community Meeting, Bishopville Fire Dept, April 10th at 6 pm., community room.

Oyster Harbor Community Watch Meeting, April 11th at 6 pm at the West Ocean City Fire Department, Keyser Point Road, upstairs community room.

Stockton Community Meeting on April 19 that 6 pm at the Stockton Fire Department.

Arson Cases Drain On Manpower, Funds

WAVY Photo
Mila Mimica
ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - According to documents obtained exclusively by, State Police have spent thousands in overtime hours and expenses investigating the Eastern Shore arsons.

More than 70 fires have been declared arson on the Shore since mid-November. The majority of the fires have been set to abandoned structures, but some commercial structure fires and brush fires have been classified as arson as well.

 Interactive Timeline: Eastern Shore Arsons

According to the Virginia State Police, the department has spent more than $124,000 in expenses for the investigation. The spending, which took place between Dec. 1, 2012 and March 9, 2013 breaks down as follows:
  • $47,992 on lodging for additional personnel assigned to the county, supplementing extra patrols and investigative needs
  • $29,342.75 on meals for those individuals
  • $46,914.17 in fuel costs for all personnel assigned to patrol and investigate the area
Additionally, the documents state thousands of overtime and compensation hours have racked up for State Police personnel involved in the investigation (Dec. 1, 2012 through March 9, 2013) that break down as follows:
  • 13,089 regular work hours to the arson investigation
  • 2,301 hours of comp time earned
  • 6,808.5 hours of paid overtime
State Police have confirmed 72 fires are being investigated as arson which break down by days as follows:
  • Mondays: 14
  • Tuesdays: 9
  • Wednesdays :6
  • Thursdays: 8
  • Fridays: 7
  • Saturdays: 14
  • Sundays: 14
State Police told 10 On Your Side analysts, plain-clothed agents, uniformed troopers, the ATF and the FBI are assisting in the investigation. Uniformed troopers patrol the county and identify suspicious activity and analysts process tips, intel and evidence from the scenes. also learned State Police has 30 investigators who specialize in arson and explosives statewide. They won't say how many are on the Eastern Shore, but would only say a "multitude" of agents are dedicated to the investigation.

"It has been several months of a living hell,"  Tasley Fire Chief Jeff Beall told last week.  "It is taking a toll on family life. It is taking a toll on our financial situation with the station, and our personal financial lives."

The Accomack County volunteer firefighters get support from the county and from donations. The county has not been able to tabulate all of the hours worked by the volunteer firefighters.


Change Maryland on Legislature's Passage of Offshore Wind

Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan on
 Legislature's Passage of Offshore Wind

Annapolis - "With a proposed motor fuel tax increase this year and several years of raising taxes on everything else,  now is not the time to experiment on unproven energy sources with other people's money.   Once again, the priorities of our top elected officials are not aligned with regular, working people who overwhelmingly reject any further tax increases.

"This offshore wind scheme requires a tax to make it possible.  The private sector does not get to tax people to experiment with projects and with very few exceptions neither should government.  This will be a huge waste - assuming anything gets built at all. Governor O’Malley has been focused on increasing the cost of electricity and gasoline for struggling Maryland families and small businesses. He has now  accomplished half his goal, and is working hard to increase the cost of  gas in Maryland  to the highest in the region."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Delmarva Discovery Center ~ Easter Egg Hunt

Keep you eyes open on Sunday!  The Easter Bunny may be making an appearance !!


Wine Through Time At Furnace Town

For reservations please call 410-632-2032. If  no one is in the office please leave  a message and someone  will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you!

FURNACE TOWN on Facebook

Field Notes From Delegate Mike McDermott

Field Notes
and Reflections on Legislative Activities
Delegate Mike McDermott

Field Notes of Last Week's Work as a Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly

10 March 11-March 15, 2013

Tuesday Judiciary Hearings:
HB-930 seeks to deal with an aspect of identity theft where a person gives out private information on an individual without their permission. This is seen as a way of trying to protect the elderly from various types of fraud.
HB-1057 would limit the accumulation of Good Conduct Credits if a firearm was used in the commission of a crime for which an inmate is being held. Sadly, it would only affect a repeat offender of a firearm related crime.
HB-575 would remove the statute of limitations for the use of a handgun in a crime of violence. Currently, that crime has a one year limitation as the charge is a 5-year misdemeanor.
HB-952 would require greater scrutiny of contracts negotiated by the state to supply telephone services to inmates in our correctional institutions. It appeared from testimony that a new contract was recently negotiated that would significantly reduce the cost of inmate phone calls.
HB-1125 would create an “Identity Theft Passport” administered by the Dept. Human Services to assist with the problems of identity theft for children who are in Foster Care.
HB-1178 would continue the reporting requirements by law enforcement agencies on all of their SWAT Team activities. These reporting requirements were due to sunset this year and this bill seeks to continue it indefinitely. It also adds more reporting requirements to the list of data to be collected.
HB-941 would make it a crime to file false liens against an individual. This bill is designed to address, in particular, certain individuals who are part of an organization identified as “Sovereign Citizens” and who seek to punish government officials by filing false liens and tax documents.
HB-940 would establish a crime of armed home invasion.
HB-1225 would add as a penalty to a crime classified as a “drive by shooting” could result in the forfeiture of the motor vehicle involved in the event if the owner knowingly allowed the vehicle to be used for this purpose.
HB-424 would eliminate certain diminuition credits (basically good time credits, etc.) for inmates convicted of crimes of violence involving firearms.
HB-1263 would eliminate the statute of limitations on the crime of practicing medicine without a license. It was pointed out that many times there is extended times that pass without knowledge that a violation has occurred and this would allow for prosecution even after time had passed.
HB-1075 creates a Third Degree Sex Offense in cases involving persons in authority having sexually inappropriate relationships with juveniles who may be under their direction. It is meant to try and protect juveniles 16 and under from be preyed upon by someone who is in a person in authority who is at least 4 years older than the victim.
HB-985 would create a Third Degree Sex Offense during commission of a Burglary.
HB-1095  would mandate certain training standards on law enforcement agencies throughout the state. It would require some training aspects that are already being taught on a regular and semi-regular basis for an officer to remain certified.would
HB-1192 would eliminate any good time credits for any inmate who is incarcerated for using a firearm in committing a crime.
Wednesday Morning Session:
This morning we conducted a 2nd Reader on HB-100 (Budget) and HB-102 (Budget Finance) where several amendments were offered to the budget. The vast number of amendments that would have reduced the spending, secured the Transportation Trust Fund, or require local government receive their share of road money were all rejected by the Democrats. There was one amendment offered by Del. Conway which would allow the Public Service Commission (if they saw fit) to provide a payment of up to $300.000 for the Hudson family toward attorney fees associated with the lawsuit they have been forced to litigate that was brought by a local waterkeeper. I attempted the same type of funding last year but the case had not been fully adjudicated and it was not approved. I was glad to support the amendment offered.
Wednesday Judiciary Hearing:
HB-1382 is a bill I submitted that would require a court to hear from victims (those who desire to file a Victim Impact Statement) of motor vehicle accidents for cases that are within the jurisdiction of the District Court.

HB-911 would extend the deadline by which Maryland would be required to stop issuing various drivers licenses to illegal
immigrants to July of 2023.
HB-947 would allow for specific damages to be attributable to manufacturers of lead paint based upon the “market share” the company held at the time the paint was being sold. This bill would be a first for any state in applying this standard for liability purposes.
Wednesday Evening Session:
We returned for a second session to take up the 2nd Reader of SB-276 which calls for a repeal of the Death Penalty. We offered 18 amendments on the bill in an attempt to keep the penalty for certain cases where the actions are so heinous, the Death Penalty option should be retained for future usage (considering that we have only had 10-Death Penalty convictions since 1978 with 5 of those inmates still on Death Row). We tried to keep it for murders of police and correctional officers as well as mass killings (one specific to schools) and acts of terrorism. We tried to retain the option for the aggravated First Degree Murder of a child where a Sexual Assault occurred (such as the case of Sarah Foxwell on the shore). The Democrats were simply unwilling to accept any amendments to the bill and clearly do not want to retain any options for the terrible crimes that will, no doubt, continue to happen in Maryland.

Thursday Morning Session:
Third Reader Bills One of the more controversial bills of the morning was HB-1053 which would allow casinos to hire persons convicted of crimes of “moral turpitude” if they had not committed another offense for at least 7-years. Currently, folks who fall into this category are prohibited from working for the casinos. It appears this bill was designed to help with the hiring of personnel for the Baltimore City and Prince Georges County sites which have yet to be built. In a state that exercises loose legislative morals, this probably comes as no surprise.
Thursday Judiciary Committee Hearings:
HB-542 would create a specific penalty for using a dog as a form of bait in the training of another dog. This is a common abuse when criminals train dogs for fighting purposes. It also would make it a crime to allow this activity to occur on one’s property.
HB-865 would allow a court to order a person convicted of animal cruelty to pay for the cost of housing the animal as well as providing medical treatment for the animal.
Friday Morning Session:
Third Reader Bills We took up three bills today: HB-100/Budget; HB-102/Budget Finance; and SB-276 Death Penalty Repeal.
The budget can be summed up by stating the fact that it is increasing the cost and size of government by over $1.2 Billion over last year. In fact, every year the governor and the democrats increase our state spending by well over a billion dollars totaling a 29% increase since he took office. The total increase in state spending this year is over 6%. My guess is that your family incomes have not increased every year by that amount and this year is no exception. The budget and the finance act did not have to dabble as much in tax increases since we already did that in a previous Special Session last year. We continue to maintain huge gaps in our pension liability funding and our “structural deficit” has not been eliminated. Of course, with over $8 Billion in tax increases in the past few years, one should expect that we would not have the problems we continue to face. Our issues are always the increased spending. The governor and the democrats have spent every dollar of every tax increase while they continue to refuse to cut spending. We are told every year by Del. Conway, the Appropriations Chairman, that “we have cut spending”…but what he means is they did not spend as much as they originally had intended. Truth be told, if they propose to increase spending by $2 billion over last years budget and we only increase spending by $1 billion, in their language, “that’s a billion dollars in cuts”. While it is ridiculous, this is what we hear on the floor every year. This does not count the increases in the Capital Budget that we will take up very soon. Both bills now move to the senate.

The Death Penalty Repeal consisted of a lot of emotional rhetoric from the left. Although you need DNA evidence or a video tape of the act in order to utilize the Death Penalty in Maryland, that is not enough for those who feel more compassion for a murderer than they do for a child in the womb. We have some very bad people who commit some very heinous crimes where the only reasonable sentence is the Death Penalty. The failure of many to recognize the importance of retaining this option for unknown events and defendants in the future is shortsighted and wrong-headed. Their rejection of common sense amendments that would have at least reserved the ultimate penalty for those rare crimes only served as an exclamation point on this bad bill. Sadly, the repeal passed.

Abandoned Structure Fire / Accomack County

Monday, March 18, 2013/ 9:50 PM
Abandoned Structure Fire
19192 Greenbush Road, Parksley, Virginia
(near Leemont Road intersection)

Structure was fully involved when units arrived on the scene.  Parksley, Tasley, Bloxom and Onley responded. While firemen were battling the fire some residents reported power outages in the area.

Virginia State Police are investigation and if determined to be arson this fire will bring the count to 71.

Reminder:An award of up to $25,000 is being offered for information leading to the capture and conviction of the person or persons involved in the fires.

Call the Accomack County Sheriff's Department tip line at 757 655-1437 if you have any information that might help police.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Prayer Vigil To Be Held/ Accomack County/Tuesday Night

Pocomoke City Police Department Sobriety Checkpoint


Date:                        March 18, 2013
Authorized by:        Chief Kelvin Sewell
Command:               Lt. Lynell Green
Checkpoint Mgr.     Officer Damien McGlotten
As a result of the increasing incidents of drinking and driving, the Pocomoke City Police Department applied for, and was granted Temporary Traffic Control Application to conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint.  The "Sobriety Checkpoint" is the most effective method of deleting and apprehending impaired operators.
A review of records has shown that the use of alcohol by individuals who operate motor vehicles has resulted in an alarming number of deaths and personal injury accidents.  Most recently a pedestrian was killed by a drunk driver in the area.  Therefore, in an effort to maintain safe roads in Pocomoke City, the Pocomoke City Police conducted a Sobriety Checkpoint S/B Route 13 South of Old
Virginia Road on March 16, 2013
The Pocomoke City Police Officers brought a total of 213 motor vehicles into the sobriety checkpoint with the following results:
1 arrest for Driving While Intoxicated
1 arrest
for Driving on a Suspended License


Photos/ Nocks Landing Road/ Abandoned Structure Fire

Photos from the abandoned structure fire on Nocks Landing Road on Monday, March 11, 2013.  The fire was at the "Y" of Nocks Landing Road and Paige Fisher Road

Units from Atlantic, Oak Hall Rescue, Bloxom and Wallops Island responded.  Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Company was called to assist.

There were no injuries.

Anyone with information about the arsons and/or individual(s) responsible is encouraged to contact law enforcement via a Tip Line dedicated to these investigations. Text, call or email at 757-655-1437.

Anyone with a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction in these cases could be eligible for a reward of up to $25,000.

Homemade Ice Cream To Benefit Greenbackville Vol. Fire Dept.

Homemade Ice Cream week
 is March 18th - 22nd
Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Dept, Inc.
Thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Support For Onancock Fire Departmet

Arrest For Violation Lands Woman In Jail

On March 13, 2013, at approximately 0645 hours, Worcester County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to a residence on Campbelltown Road, Bishopville, Maryland in reference to violation of a protective order. 

Upon arrival the Deputies made contact with Lisa B. Kerstetter, 51 years of age,  from Bishopville Md. Ms. Kerstetter appeared to be in violation of a protection order.

 Ms. Kerstetter was placed under arrest for violation of an Ex Parte order. While inside the residence the Deputies also located marijuana.  When Ms. Kerstetter was confronted with the marijuana she became extremely aggressive and hostile and was also charged with resisting arrest.

Ms. Kerstetter was held on $2,500 bond and is being held at the Worcester County Detention Center.

Lieutenant Edward C. Schreier
Worcester County Sheriff's Dept.

The Rural Sign Painter....

Things that make me smile.....

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

The photo below is for a certain  Irishman I know....   

Whatever it takes!

Arson #70 For Accomack County ?

1:01 AM
Sunday, March 17, 2013
Abandoned Structure Fire
24000 block of John Caine /Bailey Road intersection
Greenbush, Virginia

Onancock, Parksley, Tasley and Bloxom responded to an abandoned structure (trailer) fire.  Structure was fully involved when units arrived and began to spread to a house located 50 yards west of the trailer.

According to Virginia State Police it was determined that the trailer was the target for arson and the second structure, the house,  caught fire as a result of flames from the trailer.

Virginia State Police are investigating.  If proven to be arson this will be the 70th arson since November 12, 2012.

TIME MACHINE ... 1905..1969..1889..1940..1972..1934

(Reader-friendly viewing of newspaper archives material)
September, 1905
(The Suburbanite Economist- Chicago, Illinois)

Excavating for Windmill Unearths a Potful of Gold Coins

R. McKenney Price, the well known plumber and contractor of this city (Salisbury), has struck it rich in Virginia says a dispatch from Salisbury, Md. A few weeks ago Mr. Price, while excavating for the foundation of a windmill, stuck something hard about three feet below the surface.

Investigation disclosed an old iron pot. He hauled the pot out and found it filled with gold coins of various denominations and of various nationalities.

The money was found on the old home place of the very well known Drummond family of the eastern shore of Virginia. The family was immensely wealthy, and when war broke out the male members who were old enough went into the Confederate army. Before leaving for the war, it is supposed, the head of the family buried the gold for safe keeping.
June, 1969
(Daily Times- Salisbury)


'Baby Beltway' Project To Start

SNOW HILL- The start of construction of the long-delayed Pocomoke City "Baby Beltway" was promised by County Roads Engineer, Victor Smullen, as a group of Pocomoke City businessmen met with the County Commissioners, to say they have finally secured the last signature on deeds for rights-of-way for the by-pass.

The by-pass is in the southwest part of the city, and is designed to relieve heavy truck and industrial traffic in that part of Pocomoke.

September, 1889
(Sandusky Daily Register- Sandusky, Ohio)

A Night of Terror

SALISBURY, Md., Sept. 11.- Reports of a startling character are coming in of the storm at Ocean City, Md., though the telegraph office there is unoccupied. The large columns supporting the porches at the hotels and cottages are washed away, doors and windows broken down and furniture floating about. Huge waves were running through the hotels six feet deep. The furniture is floating in the rooms. The dancing pavilion at the Atlantic Hotel is demolished and the roofs of several cottages and porches blown away. There is not a vestige of a bath house on the beach. The life saving station is damaged and the crew is preparing to repair it tonight.

A special train was sent over last night to rescue the dwellers on the beach. The work was accomplished by a large number of stout men joining hands and wading through the water. They brought the ladies to the cars one by one seated on their joined hands. In this way all were saved. It was a perilous undertaking and several times the rescuers were knocked down.

November, 1940
(Charlston Daily Mail- Charlston, W.VA.)

Ex-Regional Director Gets High WPA Post

WASHINGTON, Nov.15 -(AP)- The appointment of F. M. Dryden of Pocomoke City, Md., as assistant commissioner in charge of engineering and construction, effective Dec. 1, was announced today by the work projects administration.

He will replace Lieutenant Colonel Edmond H. Leavey, who has been recalled to the army corps of engineers Dec. 5.

Dryden has been the WPA regional director for Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia and state director for Maryland.

June, 1972 (Time Machine Archive)

Delmarva's third Ames Discount Department Store was holding its Grand Opening on Route 13 south of Pocomoke City with a new Chevy Nova to be given away. The other Ames locations were in Salisbury and Seaford. 

April, 1934
(Eastern Shore News- Onancock, Va.)
Aged Man Tells of Early E. Shore Life
The material of this article was gotten from an interview with Benjamin F. Scott, a ninety-six year old Civil War veteran of Chincoteague Island. Beginning with his birth he has given us some interesting highlights of his life, which acquaint us with the conditions of former days.

Mr. Scott was born on the 8th of May, in 1838 at Hog Island. He was named for Benjamin Franklin, the eminent statesman.
(PART 3)

Mr. Scott once killed a cow himself when he had gone from Sunday night until Thursday without a square meal. He and a few companions had been sent on a scouting trip on Sunday night. Carrying a breakfast in their knapsack, they marched from Eastville to the vicinity of Capeville. They found nothing brewing and had two hours of sleep. Before they could return to Eastville they received orders to go to Smith's Island were there were no provisions. They were nearly starving. Mr. Scott ran up against a fat yearling about two years old. He killed it, they skinned it, and they enjoyed a square meal. Afterwards, they went to the mainland for provisions. They stayed on the island for several more months.

Talking of this led Mr. Scott to tell of his army rations — hardtack and round-rib. They would open the hardtack, throw it in the coffee, and wait for the worms in it to float to the top. Mr, Scott said, "It was common grub." The round-rib was horse meat, of course. It gets its name from the fact that a horse's ribs are rounding while cow's are flat. He said that horse meat tastes like that which comes from grass-fed cattle, and that it is good but not as sweet as cow's meat.
With (the negroes) freed and the men gone to war, supplies were few on the island. The stores got their merchandise only twice a year from Philadelphia, so they laid in big stores of flour, sugar, molasses, dry goods, etc. The first trip for goods was made in the Spring and the second in the Fall. The transportation of these goods was rather cheap because since the sailboats (the only means of transportation) had to have ballast anyway, the weight of the merchandise served for this purpose. 
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