Friday, October 23, 2009

A Comment Requested to be posted

This was supposed to be a comment, it was obviously too long to be accepted in the comment section so the author emailed it to me with a request to have it posted.

If this would be the case for an opposing view I' would/will be happy to oblige.


Clara Mae says……………………..

There is more to Christine's case than meets the eye. Does anyone actually think that LE is going to babble about everything they know thus far? Give me a break...... Heck I bet that they don't tell Lynn much of anything about what they have on the case because she would blab it everywhere and to people like Blink.

Any information that LE has given to Lynn has gone out everywhere and then been twisted and turned by their agendas to try and hurt people. Lynn just wants the attention and has an evil vengeance against everyone and everything. She could have put an end to all of this stupid nonsense at any time and she hasn't. Instead, she has chosen to align herself with likeminded people with black hearts. Lynn brought Blink into our lives and has let Blink run roughshod over everyone. I blame Lynn for all of the trouble more than I blame Blink.

People have assisted Christine’s family and accommodated them in every way imaginable. Their appreciation and thankfulness is demonstrated by bringing in sleaze balls to make a big story of corruption about the disappearance of Christine. There is no BIG story to be had.

Christine made a really bad choice by going and staying with JR and Tia. Something happened while she was there. It’s common knowledge about their activities yet Christine stayed with them. It's obvious that she was enjoying her visit and partying with them. She stayed for several days. She had been there before with Levi. If she was on the up and up, she would have never gone back to visit a second time and live their lifestyle. Bad Choices - PERIOD!

I'm not saying that it's okay for anyone to do something to Christine. No one has the right to harm another. Whoever made Christine disappear, needs to be brought to justice.

Christine's case is not some big mystery that is fit for a book or television movie. Sorry, those are the facts. Lynn needs to take her head out of the sand and face the facts. There is no fame to be had and the only attention that she will get is not positive.

Cases like Christine's happen every day. Young people living a lifestyle partying because escaping into the fun is better than facing real life. Their brains are saturated with drugs and alcohol and someone gets hurt or they get murdered. Our society is numb to it. It's nothing new. There will not be any book or movie and no, the national media is not coming.

The ugliness and evil vengeance attitudes that have been displayed by Christine’s family members are appalling. Their behavior speaks volumes about who they really are. If they need to lay blame somewhere then I suggest that they take a look at their actions and leave the good people of Pocomoke alone. Christine’s behavior was not something new. They know that is a fact. Yet they did nothing to help her change her behavior and she wound up with the likes of JR and Tia. Those are the sad facts of the matter.

It’s sad that a beautiful young mother of 3 has gone missing and presumed dead. It breaks people’s hearts and they want to do something to help end the misery for her family. Why? Because that is the way us hillbillies are.

Although I’m not a born and raised hillbilly, I take pride in owning the name. It’s not a bad word to me because I know what kind of people the hillbillies are. Hillbillies are good people until you mess with one of their own. That’s called loyalty.

After this latest fiasco with Blink, I for one don’t have it in my heart to open my arms to Christine’s family. I think that many people feel the same. It’s not about we are hiding something or that we don’t care. It’s about the craziness and mean viciousness. The only thing that has been accomplished with the Blink fiasco is people turning away from Christine’s family. The hillbillies are closing their doors.

PE has given people a place where they can express their opinions freely. We owe many thanks to PE for doing that. Yes, this latest Blink fiasco has brought many “new friends” to TA and PE. It doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle we lean toward we can come to PE and speak freely. PE keeps its mouth shut about who the bloggers are. We can trust PE not to blab all over town about who is posting. It’s called “trust”. The thanks for doing that is a sleaze ball threatening to sue TA.

I wonder if they think they will split a settlement of a lawsuit? That is why people sue - to get money.

The primary focus is about finding Christine. Stupid dramas have unfolded and it appears that everyone who has tried to help find Christine is now in their sights. They have turned it into a “who can we get” issue and aren’t even focusing on finding Christine.

I for one am sick of it and say “not in my backyard. Put the lunatics back under whatever rock they crawled out from and leave the good people of Pocomoke and Worcester County alone.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful post. This is the absolute essence of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Christine's story would make a good book for young people headed in the direction she choose. There is no where to go but down when you choose that lifestyle. In Christine's case the worst case scenario occured.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!

The only part I disagree with is... Blink and Lynn are equally to blame and one is worse than the other.

Both are bitter, spiteful, nasty women who have a need to blame others and not take responsability for their own actions or decisions.

Anonymous said...

I am stilling asking why Lynn would play a big game with Blink about the big "announcement." I guessed it right off the bat.

I would never wait to announce it. I would be jumping for joy and would want to tell everyone.

That just didn't set well with me.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourselves. Lynn is looking for a lawsuit and Blink is there to provide info for the suit, not to find Christine. Come on, Lynn's been saying she's dead since day one.

Anonymous said...

Lynn doesn't need Blink for a law suit. She would hire a real PI. Although, I am no longer a fan of Lynn, I think Lynn knew Christine would not leave her kids alone and just up and leave them for good. She knew something was very wrong, IMO.

Anonymous said...

She left her kids alone plenty of times. Ask Levi and Joyce.

Anonymous said...

10:24 I wouldn't consider either one of them credible people to ask.

jmmb said...

anon 2:51 a.m.
You are probably right! The only question for them is "where is Christine?" I wouldn't ask them anything else..... That is the only question.

I have to wonder what kind of grandmother and father these people really are who allow this nightmare to continue for the grandchildren/children.

Anonymous said...

Levi the prize winner. I agree with you, jmmb. When Blink told the story about how Christine while pregnant, confronted Levi and his date, I thought what the hell.
Christine should have been glad to get him out of her life, but instead choose to stalk and confront him.

jmmb said...

anon 1:58
Unless you have good information on what you have said then please do NOT make comments like that on here again. It is NOT fair for anyone to speculate on Christine's condition.

People like the ones that harmed Christine have no panic in them. Panic or not (panic I doubt) that give no one the right to take an innocent life.

So please watch what you write.

Anonymous said...

I have read this post over and over. It echos the thoughts of many.

Anonymous said...

"I have read this post over and over . . ."

And therein lies a the crux of the problem for everyone who is obsessed with the hate and evil you repeat over and over again here. Please search your hearts before you comment or allow another comment that mentions the family.

All of the rest of us get a good chuckle at the comments directed our way - we understand where the hate is coming from. Is it petty and childish? Yes of course it is. But we go on with our weekend - knowing where our daughters, mothers, sisters are.

If you can't at the very least leave the family out - then seriously consider what your motivations are.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...leave the family out?? If they feel entitled to write negative posts on the internet, they are open to crticism. Nobody has written anything about anyone who has not written themselves.

Anonymous said...

Whatever lets you sleep at night or look in the mirror in the morning. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

To the family and those that support them. Don't visit this site if you are offended.

It's as simple as that.

Why would you want to visit a site that is obsessed with "hate and evil?" You all ramble on and on how awful it is over here, but continue to visit. When are you going to learn? Most reasonable people would have found themselves offended one time and would never visit again.

Anonymous said...

Because this family loves to fight and argue. I have never seen anything like it.

At one point, we all stood behind them. We all opened our arms to hug them, hold them and help them.

This is not all about blink. They have helped create this with their lies and hateful comments. They brought all this on themselves but with the help of Blink snd the Burkes too.

Anonymous said...

That is so true. As the old saying goes, "you reap what you sow", and unfortunately for Lynn it is harvest time.

Anonymous said...

when you put yourself or your family members out in a public forum for any reason whatsoever and you relate details of domestic violence , drug abuse , fighting between family members and in-laws criminal activity (fires tin stripping ) accusations of cover up by a whole town fire dept police department, children being left alone and a possible murder , naming of possible murder suspects , then how the H*ll do you expect people not to have a response thought or reaction about the family involved or the situation in general, and I do not mean a Blink or family approved thought ,but what some people really think and feel and guess what people are entitled to their own opinions , get over it !

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to feel sorry for someone who has brought on most of the upheaval their self. The family had the sympathy of many, many people and the family has always been quick enough to play on people's sympathy.

We've been constantly reminded by family members about a daughter, sister, grandaughter, mother, etc... being gone and somewhere along the line they felt that this was excuse enough for their repulsive behavior.

It is not okay. If their motives were as pure as what they profess, this alone would be reason enough for them to stop their behavior. Yet it continues!

Anonymous said...

Thats correct. Their behavoir WILL NOT stop. I just hope that PE will not fall victim to the "poor me" game being played by the other side.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what type of person Christine was. She was a human being. There are plenty of upstanding citizens in Pocomoke who had children that made stupid choices, including past mayor's and preachers and we should never shake our finger at them and say "your child deserved that because they were bad". Many of our children have been faced with alcohol and drup abuse (and they still are) so let's not pretend to be perfect. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

I don't think that people should constantly be judged on their past if they have paid their dues back to society but I also agree that some people lose their rights when they break certain laws. I don't want my children to live next door to a pedifile or a murderer, I want to protect them. Lynn couldn't control her daughter and wanted the best for her but we should tell Lynn that her child deserved whatever happened to her.

I am a redneck, born and raised on the eastern shore and like rear ends, we all are entitled to our opinions. All local fire companies have that "good ole boy" syndrome just like every other organization.
I also believe that firefighters are like cops, to serve and protect us from harm. It's a tough job, my family are firefighters.

I would just hope the focus would come off of each party, except for the ones that know where her body is. They deserve the worst.

Anonymous said...

9:31, Did anyone ever tell Lynn that her daughter deserved what happened to her? No!

The only thing that is being judged is the behavior of Lynn, Blink and others, who because their story has ended, have decided to keep things stirred up.

If you do not believe, people should be judged on past mistakes if they have paid their dues to society, then go and tell that to Lynn and Blink who are guilty of doing just that.

We here at this site are only judging their current mistakes.

Anonymous said...

9:31 - and your hate and judgement is like a shield around you and obviously cannot be penetrated by sincere compassionate comments asking you guys to leave this family out of the campaign you have against Blink. Its ugly and it smells.

Anonymous said...

Our campaign is not only against Blink but also against the family for not condemming Blinks actions. It is ugly and it does stink but when you align yourself with s*** that what happens.

Anonymous said...

Its so obvious that 90% of these comments are being made by 1 or 2 - but thats what you get when nobody has to use a name or register to be accountable. Whoever you are - your comments portray an empty soul and you are so obviously protesting so much as to ask: who are you protecting and what are you trying to divert attention from? It will all rise to the surface

Anonymous said...

10:17 writes "who are you protecting and what are you trying to divert attention from?"
I think 10:17 needs help for their delusions and conspiracies.

jmmb said...

Maybe 10:17 knows who those 1 or 2 are that are making 90% of the comments here.

Anonymous said...

What's funny after just checking out the tattler is how "they" claim not to be reading this site. Then in the next breath they are writing about stuff on here.

Signed: Mr. Amused said...

All you guys are funny. I read both sites first of all just in case i run into something i may by chance be able to help with finding her. Secondly for a laugh. Anyone who has a heart at all will want to have compassion for the Sheddy family. This site defends the city to much. Any city that thinks they don't have corrupt officials is lying to themselves. The tattler site i laugh because they care to much about what the people have to say from here. I think I'll sit in my corner of the world (Arkansas) and enjoy the show. I'll continue to read the sites because the true reason I read the site is to help find Christine. Let me ask of you though one thing, please don't stop bickering. Some of us enjoy reading stupidity. Please also investigate where this was sent from because you won't find me posting at any site other then this post. Enjoy all your rage people it's quite funny.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Please don't stop 'cause I've shown these comments to my students (here in Texas) and use it as an example of so many things that are just plain ugly and disgusting when you give folks an anonymous platform to perform modern day witch hunts on innocent bystanders. My kids look these up a couple of times a week now! Waving hi to you guys-my kids-MsNab

Anonymous said...

No wonder kids are screwed up these days with "teachers" like ANON 12:54.

What is the point in calling attention to "ugly and disgusting" things that happen? Teachers should be pointing out the good and postive. Ugly and discusting only gives ideas to those students who may be hovering on the edge. Try reading Carnegie's "How To Win Friends And Influence People" to your students and you will be a better "teacher" for it.

To Mr. Amused, Don't waste your time trying to "help find" Christine. LE has done a good job of that. But do keep on reading-we are so glad you find this funny-we all need a good laugh now and then.

jmmb said...

Anon 3:15
I don't quite understand the teachers point either but let's hope it is to show her students a better way in which to express themselves.

Anonymous said...

lol... O sure a teacher from tx is showing her kids this site. maybe it is the same teacher that "schooled" blink.

Anonymous said...

Has this subject run its course? I thought there was going to be a Chapter 5 (or 6?). It appears interest has died out. Its been what 2-3 weeks since it was announced? Just let us know either way