Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pocomoke Fire department under Fire by a blogger

In the long events and stretched-out stories by BlinkOnCrime to use the murder of missing Christine Sheddy to assure attention and repeat readers the blinkoncrime website and author has gone too far.

For those that are not following along, the investigative ‘reporters’ team of blinkoncrime has not only brought forth terrible memories to a person that has more than paid their dues to society but has gone as for as to implicate the Pocomoke volunteer fire dept. in a scheme to cover for the murder of Christine Sheddy.

This is just an outrage and a vicious attack on the men and women of the PVFD

Here’s a direct quote From the blinkoncrime article titled;

“Is There a Fox in The Firehall?”

[quote]” Is that the reason that the searches on the property where the Pocomoke City FD were in attendance yielded nothing?”[quote]

Our VFD are men and women that will risk their lives to go into an inferno to save a kitten, that to me tells us of their instinct to do the ‘right thing’ they need not, nor do they deserve to be accused of a cover-up for “one of their own” by an outsider.

The blinkoncrime website goes on to say;

“It would seem finding her remains would yield heavy coverage.”

While it may do just that I can assure you that our fine men and women of the PCVFD could care less about “coverage” unlike the attention that obviously “investigative reporters” crave and will say anything to get that “coverage”

These are people that were volunteers at organized foot searches for Christine and wanted nothing more than to find Christine and bring closure to her family and justice to those involved. I just cannot get over the fact that this group of so-called ‘professionals’ could even bring themselves to insinuate that our VFD doctored reports and covered for “one of their own” it’s beyond comprehension, it’s a vile thing to insinuate.

I pray that Christine is recovered and have stood fast by this case for a long time but I won’t stand-by while our VFD and members are drug threw the mud.

I hope every fireman/woman contacts blinkoncrime and demands an open apology for this accusation. The blink team just spit on the most dedicated people in Pocomoke and in the end the people that could have helped the most.


The people of Pocomoke are of an old fashioned, proud people.

This type of thing being put out, even if it is meant to get a reaction will only cause the people of Pocomoke to be tight lipped so the same does not happen to them, a friend, or a loved one.


Anonymous said...

Blink says she does not know how people could take what she said the wrong way, she even says it's ludicrous.

Maybe she will read this explanation and understand that she did say exactly what the people of Pocomoke think she said.

There's no reason for the Fire company to hide anything or fudge their reports.

It's not about that man, it's about those men.. get it? I didn't think so city slicker.

Anonymous said...

Pocomoke, don't worry about Blink. Her name is shennon stoy. she's had as many husbands as professions if that is what you call what she does. Its more like a jack(ass) of all trades master of none. All she does is run people through the mud with no facts to back anything up. She hasn't solved anything ever. she claims to know important people in high places up, when in realty she is nothing more than a loser looking for attention. Most of us have been onto her for years.

jmmb said...

Well, she's got alot of people snowballed. Who cleans up when she is finished smearing the names of the good people. As of right now there are alot of wonderful people being put into the same pot as the thugs she claims to be looking for.

She answers no questions directly and honestly.......gets her "people" to do it. She never answers honestly either.