Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pocomoke; Man Charged with multiple thefts from Wal*Mart

A Salisbury man has been charged with stealing more than $1,100 in merchandise over the course of four visits to the Pocomoke City Walmart Supercenter.

From Aug. 8 to Aug. 24, Gary Belote allegedly walked away with cell phone SIM cards, walkie-talkies, voice recorders and sunglasses.

He faces one count of theft of more than $500 in value, three counts of theft less than $500 in value, two counts of theft scheme and trespassing. If found guilty of the single charge of theft of items more than $500 in value, he could face up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $25,000.

According to police records filed in Worcester County District Court, on Aug. 24 a security official from Walmart contacted the Pocomoke City Police Department about a possible theft. Belote was seen on a security camera allegedly tampering with the packaging for a prepaid cell phone.

Police stopped the suspect as he was leaving the store on a bicycle. A SIM card was found in his pocket.

The phone and its packaging were found in the store near the fishing equipment. "The packet was cut open and the SIM card was the only thing missing," according to court documents.

A review of security footage revealed that Belote -- who was supposed to be restrained by a no-trespassing order for the Pocomoke City Walmart stemming from a September 2008 incident -- had allegedly stolen from the store on at least three other occasions.

According to police documents, on Aug. 8 he walked away with $800 in sunglasses. Tapes from Aug. 21 allegedly show Belote stealing two prepaid cell phones worth $92.88 and a pair of walkie-talkies valued at $49.94.

Two days later, Belote allegedly stole from the store again, this time a voice recorder and an iPod.

Belote was apprehended when he returned the following day. He is currently being held at the Worcester County Jail on $8,500 bond.

In September 2008, Belote was arrested for theft of less than $500, malicious destruction of property and failing to obey an officer of the law stemming from an incident at the same Walmart. He pleaded guilty to the theft charge and was sentenced to six months in jail.

Belote was also convicted of illegal drug possession in Ocean City in May 2008 and was found guilty of failing to pay required child support in November 2008. Several earlier run-ins with police took place between 1993 and 2004, according to court records; in a 2004 case, Belote pleaded guilty to the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

A hearing for the Walmart case will be held Sept. 25 in Worcester County District Court.



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The Public Eye said...

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jmmb said...

This guy has a criminal history that stretches all across Worcester county and beyond........