Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wicomico County Removes "Christmas" from Schools

I am not sure if it is at all schools, but there is talk that a few schools in Wicomico County will not be celebrating Christmas this year in schools.

NO Christmas parties, NO Christmas trees, NO decorations., NO Christmas cards.

What is going on? Is this from the Board of Education or the few principals who running schools like are dictators and not there to serve. They are longer are looking at the best interest of students, but pacifying the very small population of parents who complain about a Christmas tree in the foyer or getting a pencil with Santa Clause on it? We no longer have a Christmas break, but the Holiday break.

Yes, Christmas is celebrated by many Christians as the birth of Jesus Christ in which I firmly believe also, however, most Americans do not relate Christmas and this birth together. They celebrate by giving and being with family. How dare the school systems take away these things from children who look forward to having a Christmas party at school and making Christmas decorations for Christmas trees at home? The tree at my house has numerous ornaments made in school which are keepsakes to me. My children have also brought home gifts for me that were made in school. For many children, this is the only gift they have to give to their parents. Okay, not all teachers make things with their students, but the majority of teachers do with their own money. Sometimes the only gift these kids get are from their teacher. How dare we stop doing the things we have done for hundreds of year just to satisfy the small minority who are offended? I am offended that the majority no longer rules! I am offended that my rights and the rights of my children are being overlooked! I am offended that the Board would allow this! Will they have Christmas decorations in their offices? Next they will be taking the books out of the school libraries that relate to Christmas and any other holiday.

Parents need to take a stand for what WE believe in and quit letting the handful of parents who disagree take control. Stand up and voice your opinion. Look at history and what has happened in our school systems when the voice of a few have been heard. Now it’s Christmas they are taken away.


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