Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Putting America to Work American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Sign

I was cruising down the highway (US 13) in Pocomoke and I came across these signs. Although the signs said "putting America to work" there was no one working.

Now how much of our tax dollars go into these signs?

Annnnnd... I think they need to put someone to work on changing the interstate numbers, they could have done a better job changing the "Rt50" to "Rt13" good grief!

There was a sign placed at the intersection of Rt13 south and Market st. ext. and the other was placed at the Md/Va line on the north bound side.

Hat Tip; Trav for the pics


jmmb said...

I saw this the other day. What a big waste of money! For all of my life we all have lived without barriers down the center of that highway!

Under the circumstances I would have thought the funds for this senseless project would (should) have been waived and redirected towards something more resourceful.....like education. And that's just to name one.

If this is putting America to work I'm sure there are alot of out of work people that would argue about that.

Just remember....when it comes time to cut that grass now the road crews will need a little extra time.......I see alot of weed whacking with this project. Are there funds to provide for this too?

What a big waste.

Anonymous said...

Good point, jmmb! It will take either lots of labor with a weed-eater or lots of spraying with herbicide. And I thought O'Governor was of the environmental persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Most of the areas between the guardrail and the traveled portion of the highway are not wide enough for the mower deck. In other words, the mower will be sticking out into the highway thereby potentially causing more accidents than the lack of guardrails. Sheesh, who hires their traffic engineers?

jmmb said...

I have no clue who hires the engineers. But it's like everything else they design......lacks common sense. Guess all you need is a college education.