Friday, January 28, 2011

Man Breaks Into Bank To Steal Fake Money

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) — Princess Anne police have arrested a man they say broke into a bank and tried to steal fake money.

Police Chief Scott Keller says a motion detector alarm went off in the PNC Bank on Somerset Avenue Tuesday about 11 p.m. Officers saw broken glass at the drive-up window.

Keller says officers found a man inside the bank, taking fake bills that are used for bank training. Keller says the suspect though the bills were real money.

Twenty-five-year-old George Ballard of Princess Anne has been charged with burglary.


Anonymous said...

FAIL!!!!!!!!! Omg lol such a idiot

Anonymous said...

George Ballard? Isn't this the same last name as the dude arrested in Pocomoke for the shooting of the kid near the middle school?

jmmb said...

Same last name, yes.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting.