Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thefts From Unsecured Cars In Pocomoke

I found this article in the Salisbury Daily Times yesterday:

"POCOMOKE CITY — Police say they are investigating four reported incidents of thefts from "unsecured" cars on Jan. 20.

The thefts occurred in the areas of Cedar Street, Lynnhaven Drive and Walnut Street, police said.

Items taken include iPods, MP3 players, wallets and loose change, according to police.

Anyone with information on these thefts is asked to contact the Pocomoke City Police Department at 410-957-1600."

Come on Pocomoke people!! Unless you live under a rock you KNOW that this is happening frequently around Pocomoke. And it's not just in Pocomoke! It's everywhere. No matter where you live or who you are there is always someone that wants what you have and will take it with a clear conscience!

STOP!! being enablers and lock your car no matter how long you will be away from it. Lock your things in the trunk or take them with you. This has been said over and over again. Remember: If it's something you wanted and you bought it chances are those things are what others want to. They just don't mind stealing.

So stop making their job easy. But keep in mind a few weeks ago there was someone in the area opening locked cars with a slim jim.

Be on the lookout for this thief.

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Anonymous said...

Lock, and hide! Most crooks aren't going to waste time searching your car. Its if they see something out. At least they're not "smash n grabs" generally. A smash in grab is see something, bust window, grab, keep walking. Crime is committed in seconds with no witnesses. But hiding your valuables generally overcomes it!