Tuesday, March 15, 2011

State Wide Tornado Drill For Virginia Today


Virginians will conduct the annual statewide tornado drill on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (today) at 9:45. Throughout the Eastern Shore and the rest of Virginia, emergency services staff, schools and hundreds of other state and county agencies will participate in the drill.

March 15 was designated by Governor McDonnell as Tornado Preparedness Day in Virginia. The state will send a test tornado warning that will trigger a tone alert and broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio, simulating what will be heard during a genuine emergency. That message will be broadcast on radio and tv stations across the Commonwealth.

Virginians are encouraged to use the test as an opportunity to rehearse plans of what to do to protect your family during an actual tornado alert, make sure you have adequate emergency supplies at hand and know where you will go quickly should a tornado approach.

In the past three years 62 tornadoes touched down in Virginia injuring 220 and causing nearly $50 million in property damage, according to the emergency management department.

For more information: www.vaemergency.com

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