Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pocomoke Warrior's Still Winners Even If They Did Lose In Semifinals.

Pocomoke High School Warriors Boy's Basketball team took their game to the University of Maryland Comcast Center on Friday to play the Williamsport Wildcats in the MPSSAA 1A semifinals.

Our Pocomoke Warriors lost that game with the final score of 67-48. Here's a quote I found in the Daily Times from the Warrior's coach Derrick Fooks and what he had to say about his hardplaying team. "We just never got anything going today, no rhythm at all."

Gosh! No rhythm?? Coach Fooks you made those boys sound like they went onto the arena floor with two left feet and minus thumbs to play the game! Surely you could have said something better than that!

Let's just call it an "off" day on the wrong day. There's no doubt in my mind that the members on that team worked themselves into exhaustion to get ready for Friday. And it's very apparent that they worked quite hard all season to achieve once again this year what has been achieved so many years before in the name of basketball and for Pocomoke High School.

Eight members of the basketball will probably return next year for another chance at the playoffs and the title. Sadly, four seniors played for the last time and leave with no championship under their belts for the 2011 Basketball season. That's very disappointing.

But what comes out on top is that the members on the Pocomoke High School Warriors Basketball Team are NOT losers at all! THEY are the winners too! In order for a team to get as far as they did and to have accomplish what they did two things have to go right while making the formula for winning: You need a great team that is willing to work hard, care about themselves and care about others to make all things work. And you need a great coach to make sure it gets done! That's just what happened.

Pocomoke Warrior's team ended the year with a 18-6 record. To have gone so far all of you had to be dong everything right. You should all be very proud.

Williamsport lost to Dunbar on Saturday - 64-43

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Shane Ryans said...

Its a shame but they did a good job and should feel nothing but good about their accomplishments.