Monday, May 2, 2011

Pocomoke Council Moving Forward On New Police Building

Jennifer Shutt
Staff Writer
POCOMOKE CITY -- The Pocomoke City Police Department may soon get a new building.
At the upcoming council meeting, Mayor Bruce Morrison is expected to sign a resolution that would set in motion a $532,000 mortgage from Shore Bank to purchase a newer building on Market Street.

The police department has been in the same building since the mid-1960s, according to City Manager Russell Blake. The building was originally an armory built in the 1920s and later given to the city.

"The condition is such that it's beyond its economic life," said Blake of the 85-year-old building. "We have repaired it and repaired it and stretched its life probably beyond what we should have."
Could this be the new location for the Pocomoke City Police Dept.?

The chance to purchase the 7,600-square-foot building developed during the past four months. Blake said the city began looking for available and appropriate properties to house the 16 police officer unit about a year ago.

"I'm sure it's going to boost the employees' spirits by moving into a nice, professional facility," said Pocomoke City Police Chief J.D. Ervin.

Once the sale is finalized, the one-story building will need to undergo renovations to accommodate the police department.

"The inside would have to be divided properly," Ervin said. "We would have to figure out what offices we need and where they need to be located so everything is functional."

Blake said once the sale is final, the city will begin to work with an engineering firm to determine how to remodel the property to suit the police department's needs.

Other business

City officials are also expected to give second readings to two resolutions.

The first would amend the charter by bringing it up to date with current voting laws and regulations in Worcester County. Two sections of the charter that state in order to vote in city elections, residents must register at City Hall, are expected to be removed.

"The county has taken over the registration of voters for all municipal elections, so those paragraphs are no longer needed," Blake said.

The council is also scheduled to amend charter language on the employment of elected officials.

"If approved, it will stipulate that no elected official can be hired as a city employee unless it's at least one year after the expiration of their term or one year after they resign," Blake said.



Anonymous said...

That must be the building. It fits the description in the Daily Times to a tee and has been for sale for awhile. This is a great move on the part of the Mayor and Council. It's a beautiful building and just perfect for the new police department.

Anonymous said...

Boy the propaganda on this one! How you spin this so!

The cost of the building is over $450,000.00 per Greg Butler who owns the building. That is outrageous a price in today's market. Now the city is going to consider taking a loan for this?

A beautiful building? You must never have ventured inside.

Or be Bruce Morrison's wife Laura, who works for Greg Butler.

This is a scam!

Anonymous said...

Even though 'expected to give second readings', the town never published the first one. The town never published their Agenda until the day of the April meeting.

It was never posted on the web site until the day of the meeting.

They need to follow the rules in which they were sworn to uphold.

Anonymous said...

10:11 am ...definitely a scam. They looked also at another building on market st. The former H&H building owner got told it would cost too much to rennovate the inside of his building. What do they think they have to do to the Delmarva Auto Collision building? That's gonna take alot of work.

And the mayor's wife works for Greg Butler who is selling the building to the City.

No wonder Greg Butler had a sign "Vote Morrison" in his business of State Farm insurance window.

First, his fireman buddy gets a lucrative contract for over $20,000.00 for putting in a $12,000.00 central heating system in city hall and now this.

What is that called? Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Guess he's "taking care of his friends". So "Good Old Boy" of him.

Anonymous said...

I heard the next generation is being trained by the older generation of Good Old Boys.

Now I believe it.

Anonymous said...

Not propaganda at all 10:11. Anyone with any bit of business acumen can see this is a great deal. You obviously know ZERO about business and even less about real estate so have no business bashing the city over this purchase. Just call Morton buildings and see how much they charge to build a building of this size. Morton's not sitting idle either - people are building these metal buildings. Things around here aren't as depressed as you would like it to seem.

Anonymous said...

10:21 How old is the H and H building? How old are the electrial and plumbing systems? I would venture to say the building the city is interested in is a heck of alot newer with up to date major systems.

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Mayor Morison's wife? How do you know the deal to purchase wasn't made before the election? You are shooting from the hip without any facts to back anything you say up 10:21. You sound like a typical "know it all" who in reality knows nothing!

MLS said...

How can Pocomoke NOT try and improve the working conditions for its police force? As we all know, most old buildings are plagued with heating, cooling and insulating problems, and sometimes mold, lead & asbestos. I'm assuming there was some sort of feasibility study done. No organization would choose a building like this without finding out if it is going to work for the purpose and needs of the new occupants! What other existing buildings would have the architectural qualites needed for a department's needs? No conspiracy theories needed. Attend the City Council meeting , listen carefully and ask questions. That's what a concerned citizen would do!

jmmb said...

For goodness sakes! What do you hateful anonymous people DO in Pocomoke when there is no spot to spill your venom except here?

Read the caption AGAIN! It asks "could this be...". That requires a yes or no response. It did NOT bring anyone elses name into it.

The Mayor and Council meet tonight. As a citizen of Pocomoke it is your duty to go and express your feelings. And I suggest you do just that. And while your're at there why not speak to them with the same attitude you come here with.

THEN we will know WHO you are....All of you or perhaps, just one of you.

Remember: the Mayor and Council value your opinions and you input on any subject at the meetings. They don't need you seal of approval on anything......

Do any of you that have commented under Anonymous have a building you would like to sell?

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:42 am,

I know because others have asked about the building.

Everyone knows Butler owns the building and everyone knows where Laura works.

No conspiracy theory needed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. MLS we all know this is what Master Liet. Sewell. Listen, no one said the police don't deserve a better work conditions.

So do Save the Youth.

At least your part of the building doesnt flood each time it rains. That's the basement.

Can you really say borrowing upwards of $600,000.00 is wise when our recent leader escalated our budget in the last year and with rising prices, including gas?

Still the issue remains of removing a police force presence from the downtown area, the very area that has the highest crime proportionately in our town.

Does everyone really believe thats in the best interest of everyone in this town?

Have leaders truly started to only serve "THE RICH AND THE ELITE"?
(Such as it is or may be in the little town of Pocomoke)

Anonymous said...

Shame on our town for borrowing money that our kids will have to repay.

Borrowing against tomorrow.

Spend, spend, spend
has become
borrow, borrow, borrow
with this leadership.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong and please someone correct me if I am, but what has the Save the Youth organization done, to help better the community? Were they out there on the day the community organized the clean up? Have they done any fund raising on their own or just ask for donations?
I'm all for these types of organizations, but it's time they did their fair share, including the parents and guardians of these youths. I sick and tired of giving them "the fish instead of teaching them how to fish."
Just how much money have they raised on their own for a new building?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Dear 10:42 am,

I know because others have asked about the building.

Everyone knows Butler owns the building and everyone knows where Laura works.

No conspiracy theory needed."

Okay....another big SO??? This property has been for sale for awhile. How do you know the deal wasn't in the works before the election? The city needs a new police department. This is the most appropriate existing dwelling that's for sale. That building is 7600 sq ft. Just the shell and the bare minimums cost around $100 per sq ft to build (probably more now). So if the city can purchase the building for anything under $760,000 it's a bargain.

Anonymous said...

Whoever bought the old Bonaza building not so long ago paid $104/per sq ft for that building for a total of $950,000. That building is over 20 years old. Using that as a comparable commerical improved property, anything under $790,000 for the Butler building is a good buy on the part of the city.

Anonymous said...

Weichert real estate listings no longer has it as active. "The property you are searching for is no longer an active listing."

For property that isnt worth 400,000.00 so now they are gonna give more for it?

They wont listen to anyone. Deal was done before meeting and was been worked on for the last year. Whatever happened to public meetings former mayor promised. Thats how they operate. Never talked to town folks. Again treating people with no respect.

Anonymous said...

10:05 pm ...typical.

Anonymous said...

PPE... Can you figure out who this poster is, continuously talking to theirself, and block them? Their hate and nastiness is really ridiculous and unfounded, and creates some really unwarranted negativity here... I love your blog, but I'm really getting sick of that ridiculous commenter. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't act like they were multiple people.

jmmb said...

Anon 11:49 - I will see what we can do.

I don't quite understand it myself. And you will never convince me that there is negativity in Pocomoke OR at the council meetings like this.

Thankyou for reading.

Anonymous said...

jmmb you havent talked to victims of recent crimes then

Anonymous said...

God forbid some one has a different opinion.

Anonymous said...

JMMB I heard some businesses are considering now leaving downtown.

jmmb said...

Let's get a few things straight. A difference of opinion is always welcomed here. It's the needless nagging that I find hard to tolerate.

Anon 12:18- Businesses leaving Pocomoke....what do you blame that on? I say the economy. If you check with YOUR sources I am sure they can tell you that some fine people in Pocomoke are losing jobs. Simple fact is the slow economy has hit the Eastern Shore. But I'm probably incorrect on that also.

Anon 12:05 Don't start on me about not having spoken to a victim or victims of crime because I HAVE! My own daughter was a victim of a crime. In fact TWICE! So don't give ME your lip or any lip about that. I know all too well how a victim feels REGARDLESS of the type of crime committed agains that person.

Anonymous said...

12:18, so you heard some businesses are considering leaving downtown? Why? Because the police department is moving? You are so full of it! If a business is considering leaving it's because they aren't making any money. No successful downtown business is going to move just because the PD is-get real!

Anonymous said...

I know you won't answer 10:05 but how do you know what the building is worth? Did you call and get a quote to see what it costs to build a shell for a 7600 sq ft building? Do you know how much an electrician and a plumber would charge to wire and pipe that size structure? Or how much cement for floor costs these days per ft?
Call and get some quotes and then start with your "it isn't worth blah blah blah."
I'll keep checking back to see if you answer-okay?

Anonymous said...

7:52 am you may not want to hear it, but its happening.

Anonymous said...

With so much crime from 12th street and heading north, what are the city's plans to address the crime in the hot spot areas?