Monday, June 6, 2011

'In The Mix' Saves The Best For Crisfield

This mudbogging jeep really took a beating at the first mudbogging race in Gumboro a few weeks ago.  The mud combined with the speed actually caused some major parts to fall off and disappear into that thick mud.  Safety being a good reason the  driver and mechanic returned to the Gumboro grounds the next day to search for the parts left behind.  Somewhere and some how  deep in that gooey mud they found them.

With the Crisfield Mudhop not far off they worked quickly to get "In The Mix" back into racing condition just in time.  After all, the Crisfield Mudhop is where it all began for "In The Mix" many years ago. 

Now I say that this jeep is more motor than it is man and metal and Johnny makes me very nervous when it's his turn to speed through the mud!  We've all seen him plow though the mud from side to side, almost turn over, run the bank, head for the pits,  and who knows what else!   But he's good at what he does. He's very good.  (Yea, Johnnie, that's somewhat of an exaggeration).
But NOT last Sunday in Crisfield.  
It was almost as if the small jeep  (or motor on wheels) knew exactly where it was  -  back on home ground.

 Johnnie Edwards is owner and driver of "In The Mix"


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