Thursday, November 17, 2011

Phone Scam In Accomack County- Caller Posing As Law Enforcement

According to Sheriff Todd Godwin, the Accomack County Sheriff's Office has recently received reports of alleged fraud involving victims who received phone calls from an individual portraying themselves as a law enforcement officer. The caller in these cases claims that the victims' family members are in need of money for various reasons, and the money is being requested to be sent through Western Union to a specified location.

It is recommended that if anyone receives a phone call of this nature, attempt to speak with the family member who is allegedly in need, as well as obtain the identity of the law enforcement officer by requesting the officers name, badge number and agency. This information could then be verified by contacting that law enforcement agency's phone number as it is listed in the phone book.

It is recommended that an individual never send any money, or give out any personal information, based on a phone call, email or by any other means, until the identity of the requester and the purpose of the request has been verified.

 If you receive a call of this nature, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance.


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