Thursday, November 17, 2011

THANK YOU To Our Soldiers.....cont...

PLEASE continue to send me the names of your soldier- veteran or active.

These are but a few of the names of those that have fought for and protected  this great land that we travel about freely in every day.  There should be no limitations on what it takes to protect them.  
"May no soldier go unloved."
from Soldiers' Angels

Thank you to each one of you.......


Richard C. Brown, Jr., Air Force

Jacob Gibbons, SSgt. Air Force


David Greene, Air Force

Patrick A. Dize, Navy

Richard S.  (Steve) Lawrence, Army, VietNam

Rick Choquette, Army

Bruce Glenn Merritt, Jr.,  Navy
Here's what his mom had to say about him:
 ("MT2/E5/SS He served on the USS Kamehameha and the West Virginia from 1990-1994.
Those that might not know the navy meaning of the above they stand for missile technician, second class, E5 pay grade, sub surface qualified.
Both submarines were nuclear....the big ones. He has seen parts of the world we will never see, including Scotland! He was so young and did an amazing job! We will always be proud of him and thank him for his service to our country.")

Roy Woodrow Wilkins, Navy

James Walter  Morris, Navy

Orland E. Howard, Marines, Korean Conflict

Buddy Hughes, Army, Korea

William Byron Schoolfield, Navy, WWII Pacific Theater

Byron Dorsey Schoolfield, Army WWI

Jack Sipilia, WWII, Navy (Retired)

Billy Hall, Army, Vietnam (Deceased)

James W. Maddox, WWII, Army (Deceased)

Art Sexton, Corporal, Marines, Vietnam

John Carey, Rank E-4, Airforce

Richard  Hitchens, Army and National Guard, 1st Sergeant, Vietnam, Afganistan (40 yrs. later)

Larry Fykes, Coast Guard, Senior Chief, Desert Storm, Operation Iraq, Deep Water Horizon (Katrina)

Lawrence Tull, Airforce, Captain

Kenneth Tull, Airforce, A2c

James B. Maddox, Army National Guard, Vietnam and Desert Storm

Jason Harris, Airforce, 167 AW, Kuwait

Larry Wood, Navy

Paul Hill, Navy, Chief, WWII

Michael Hill, Navy

William Byrd, III Cpl E4, First Marine Brigade, Vietnam

Michael Coutu, Navy AZ3 (SCW)

Nicholas Jones, Marines, PFC

Cornell Ginn, Air Force, Master Sgt. E-7 Veteran of Foreign Wars

This is just a start.  There are so many more names out there.............PLEASE send them to me.  Help me keep this list of names of our brave American men and women growing  so everyone will know who they are and how proud we are. 

Please fly your flags and yellow ribbons!  Let the active military know they are in our hearts and NOT forgotten.

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