Friday, February 24, 2012

Johnson and Jackson Each Sitting In a Cell

This is a great report!  Poor Tia wanted her bail lowered but Judge Daniel Mumford and Executive Assistant State's Attorney William McDermott would have no part of it!   Tia couldn't even get her bond raised to one million dollars and the judge denied bond entirely. She's had her free time and perhaps should have thought about how precious freedom is way back in November 2007.  Jackson was denied bail! 

So, I guess it is true that the criminal really has the ability to separate themsleves from the truth.

They'll get no sympathy from me.  I think it's a shame they can share the same air we all breath.

Johnson gets jail time, Jackson arrested in Sheddy murder case
NANCY POWELL ¦ Staff Writer
(Feb. 24, 2012) Two people were arrested within the past few days in connection with the murder of Christine Sheddy in Pocomoke in November 2007.

Tia Lynn Johnson, 31, of Eden, was arrested last Friday. Clarence Butch “Junior” Jackson, 34, of the same address, was arrested Wednesday. Both were charged with being an accessory after the statute and fourth-degree burglary.

Johnson had been held on $500,000 bond after her arrest. In District Court in Salisbury on Tuesday morning, Johnson told Judge Daniel Mumford that she wanted her bail lowered. Executive Assistant State’s Attorney William McDermott of the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office asked to double it to $1 million.

“Given the circumstances and the nature of the crime and the defendant’s prior conviction and the fact that she fled the state of Maryland for the state of Tennessee after the crime, the state believes the bond should be increased,” McDermott said he told the judge.

Mumford did not increase the bail. He said Johnson should have no bail at all.

Jackson was denied bail Thursday morning.



Anonymous said...

"Mumford did not increase the bail. He said Johnson should have no bail at all."

Not to make light of something so serious a nature but this is funny. I bet she was fuming mad and cursing under her breath like the dickens.

Anonymous said...

They deserve everything they are getting...all three of them...

Anonymous said...

Like Slim said in another post, this whole thing is sleazy. The house was a dump and had no heat, water or electric and inhabited by a criminal element. They used to light bon fires nightly to be able to see one another and get warm someone said.