Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Visit- The New Pocomoke City Police Station

Visiting the Future Pocomoke City Police Department
Friday, March 16, 2012

Front office (top)
and Records Room (bottom)
Of course, changes are always being made.  This is the way the building was discribed to me.  Regardless of what goes where or who goes where really won't matter.  This is just going to be such a remarkable police station I truly don't think anyone will argue.

New carpet has been installed in most of the offices and a crew was in the process of finishing putting down tile.  This photo is just a corner of the Chief's office.......I did NOT step in there.  One reason, the capet had just been put into place.  The other?  Bigger shoes than I wear  will be in that office and with some awesome responsibility so I'll just wait. 

Most of the building now has the walls and trim painted and the floors finished or nealy completed.
This is another office....the "box" is just next door.  Hmmm.....
It was sort of difficult to get anywhere in the building on Friday because of the floors being finished.  Hey, that's ok with me.  Let's get this buiding finished....and it almost is.
More great workers hard at work.  It is amazing how many hands it takes to create great things.
Thanks, guys!
This is one of the larger rooms in the new police station.  When completed it will have computers and desk space for the officers to do any paperwork that is involved once an arrest has been made.  A bench will line the back wall.  Once installed I'll tell you who gets  seated there.  Towards the back of photo is the cell area (left).  The cell doors have been hung (I peeked in but I couldn't find the light switch).  Since the cells are basically holding cells they will have doors and no bars.  You  get your bars when you get to Snow Hill, boys!.    Please note, those are my words- no one  elses.

That's it for this trip.  I'll be back soon and maybe those cells will be finished so I can take a good look.  From peeking the other day it looks like to me that if you don't like living in a box you better straighten up and give up the life of crime.  Those are small cells and if have you bad guys out there are as BIG as you think you are you are not going to fit. 

Thanks Councilman Malloy.  A special thank you to Chief Sewell and Lt. Strong for the nice conversation on Friday.  Chief Sewell, I do promise I will not apply for the job as  police officer.


dlo said...

Wow they have really gotten a lot finished since your last visit. Looks really great!

Rob said...

Thanks to the PPE, Councilman Malloy, Chief Sewell and his staff for providing these continuing updates. Keeping the public informed during all phases of construction is a great service.

To the contractors, sub-contractors and their employees, thank you for your many hours of hard work.

I have been through the building at least half a dozen times and the PPE photos have filled in the gaps between those trips. Thanks for the continuing coverage on the progress of the restaurant as well.
Hope to see everyone at the open house at the new PCPD which should be announced soon.

Councilman Rob Clarke

jmmb said...

Thank you, Councilman Clarke. My intentions were to take photos of the restaurant every so often. I never dreamed that I'd ever be taking so many photos! Councilman Malloy has made it possible for me to enter the restaurant and the police station so that I can take those photos. I want everyone to be able to see the progress of each site. It has been such great fun and I always look forward to it.

Pocomoke is a busy place and I am always glad to see that the greatest people still live there.

In my personal opinion the restaurant and the new police department will be both amazing.

I just love that I have the chance to take part.