Monday, March 12, 2012

From Richard Douglas For Maryland Senate- 2012

Cardin Speaks: C-Span / Israel

Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Richard Douglas noted today that  Senator Ben Cardin finally spoke up on Israel in a March 7 interview on C-Span - months after about complaining about U.S. Postal service downsizing. 

Douglas: Work in Concert with Israel First 

"As an incumbent Senator, Ben Cardin has a bully pulpit that none of his GOP primary challengers have.  While I am glad to hear the Senator finally speak up on Israel, I disagree with his assessment that the U.S. is beholden to the international community when it comes to addressing rogue states like Iran. 

"If we do anything in concert with anyone, it should be with Israel and the democracies, not Russia and China.  Chaining ourselves to the lowest common denominator invites gridlock-- similar to how the United Nations Security Council works.  I am opposed to abdicating U.S. foreign policy to the U.N. 

"Sen. Cardin's interview on C-Span comes from State Department talking points and white papers.  I heard nothing in this interview that shows leadership or backbone in what America should be doing to address the impact of a nuclear-armed Iran and its threat to Israel, the Middle-East and the U.S."   

-Richard Douglas

Ben Cardin on Iran / Israel 3.07.12
On actions to address Iran:

3:58 "It needs to be international, I agree with that."

On China/Russian support:

4:10 "Do we need more cooperation with those countries - absolutely."

"World partners:"

4:20 "We need to work with our partners around the World."

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