Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Home, Courtney !

Oops! I missed reporting this....

After months and months of being hospitalized from injuries in a horrible car accident Courtney Bloxom
has been allowed to go home.

Courtney's injuries have taken her to various medical facilities up and down the East Coast for many months. She along with her family, have had their share of ups and downs and the road to Courtney's recovery has not been an easy one nor is over.

Courtney arrived back to her own home, familiar surroundings, her own bed and bedroom last Thursday, February 28th.

She still needs to continue with her regular therapy schedule for the most part and still has more work to do, and it still isn't easy by any means, but I'm sure the fact that she can be at home to receive the care can only have a wonder effect on her........and her family and friends.


Please continue to keep Courtney and her family in your prayers.

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