Thursday, March 8, 2012

Longtime Crisfield Drug Dealer Is Sentenced

Pocomoke City Police Partner With Crisfield Police Department:
"Working together makes a difference".

*On May 26, 2011 Chief Kelvin Sewell, then Lt Kelvin Sewell along with Pocomoke City Police Officer Savage traveled to Crisfield MD to assist the Crisfield Police Department with an ongoing drug problem they were experiencing in the area of the Somers Cove housing area.

Chief Sewell and Officer Savage were able to purchase crack cocaine from a known drug dealer who was identified as Andre Fisher of Crisfield, MD. The purchase was made at the residence of Mr. Fisher who resided at the Somers Cove housing in Crisfield, MD.

On March 6, 2012 (today)Chief Sewell, Officer Savage, Lieutenant of Crisfield Police Department, and other Crisfield Officers appeared in Circuit Court in Princess Anne MD for trial. After the testimony of each Officer was given, the Defendant Andre Fisher was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Mr. Fisher then became highly upset and began using profanity towards the Officers and then spit in the direction of the Judge. Mr. Fisher was wrestled to the floor by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputies and then carried out of the courtroom.

(Fisher will serve 10 years of 20 years in prison. Ten years of the 20 were suspended.)

*Pocomoke City Police Department
Chief Kelvin D. Sewell


Anonymous said...

Andre is finally gone. I have watched Andre sell drugs to people including kids for many years and always prayed for this day to come. Thank you to every law enforcement group involved in his arrest.

Anonymous said...

I wish there could be a special charge for drug dealers who sell to minors. It would be kind of hard to prove since you wouldn't want the minor testifying for safety reasons.

Anonymous said...

the officers involved with putting andre away should be awarded a medal of honor for relieving us for so long with the headaches of putting up with this drug dealer

Unknown said...

That's actually why I am out of prison and your great county fuck around get cgcharg with treason. P.o.w.
exonerate, verb, iɡˈzänəˌrāt, absolve someone from blame for fault or wrongdoing