Friday, April 13, 2012

The New-Soon-To-Be Pocomoke City Police Station


The new Pocomoke City Police Station is still a work in progress at this point but lots of progress has been made since my last visit two weeks ago.  Again, you just can't believe how awesome and wonderful this building will be when it is completed. 
With all doors being hung the knobs were being installed.  If I were this young guy I'd have a headache.  He didn't seem to mind.  Door knobs....hmmm...

Hallway in the back of the building.  All tile and carpeting has been completed.  This place is really taking shape!
The Chief's office!  Carpet had just been put in place on my last visit and I didn't venture in there. 

But I did on this day......I wanted to see what that mess was in the floor!  Hey, you guys better get that cleaned up before the Chief gets there!  (I'm sure someone cleaned it up)
Be advised.  This isn't just any door.  It is the door to the juvenile holding cell. (gulp)  From this point on my day with Darren and Councilman Malloy would be a learning experience.  First of all cells do NOT have light switches on the wall.  I found this out after running my hand on the wall inside.....but the light kept going off and then on so I figured they must have put some kind of fancy lighting.... NOPE.
Light switches are on the outside wall.  Darren was in control of the switch!  NO door knobs either!  The door closed while I was in there and I heard Darren say something like he didn't know if the know worked or not.  HUH? The photos above are of the juvenile holding cell.  Steel bunks and NO place to use the bathroom.....I don't know what you do if you have to go....
Male holding cell.  Same gray metal bunks and stainless steel commode/sink combination.  I have never seen seen a contraption like this in my life.  But I have been reminded that a cell is not the Hilton and it is for safety reasons that these are used.  The female cell will be identical to this..... no room to move around, no color, no bling.

And I must admit that on this day I gained a true appreciation for light switches and door knobs!  And I will never, ever again complain about the small rooms in my own home......never.

Darren doesn't carry a normal cell phone.  It's the HOT LINE to the boss!  I have to give Darren a pat on the back.  He's such a good sport and his knowledge on the entire makeover of this building is remarkable!  I have never asked him a question he could not answer........

Thanks Councilman Malloy and Darren ( and Tom Beauchamp on the phone).  It has been another exciting trip to Pocomoke.  I WILL see you soon.

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