Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Bay Queen" Bids Pocomoke City Farewell

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Hello readers of the Pocomoke Public Eye. 

 Last evening I received an email from Captain John Raggi the captain of the ever so popular "Bay Queen".  As  most of you know Captain Raggi and his wife have been responsible for the many sight seeing tours for many years aboard the "Bay Queen" .  I always enjoyed reading the adventures from the Eagle Tours.  And even though the "Bay Queen" was sometimes docked in Snow Hill, seeing the "Bay Queen" docked in downtown Pocomoke was as much a comfort to see as the huge American flag.  She has been one of those many "securities" I treasure about the area I love.

I am posting Captain Raggi's email simply because the Captain says it best!  I wish the best for the "Bay Queen" and her new Captain.  If you'd like to send Capt. Raggi a message go to the facebook page The Bay Queen Cruises

Photo/ John Riggi

This is Captain John Riggi the captain/owner of the "Bay Queen".

I would like if you can kindly post that as of today the "Bay Queen" has been officially sold and will be moving to her new home on the Niagra River upstate NY soon.

My wife and I would like to thank everyone for helping us have the best job ever on the Eastern Shore enjoying and sharing the sights and beauty of the Pocomoke River.

Thanks to the many thousands of people who have been part of the "Bay Queen" Experience.

Would like to also thank Pocomoke City for being our gracious host the past 7 years.

Captain John Riggi

Cruising the Pocomoke River before Riverside Grill was built
Photo Delmarva Discovery Center (2009)

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Unknown said...

I just saw the Bay Queen on the Erie Canal in Fairport NY. Is the boat staying here permanently? She's a beautiful boat and would be right at home here.