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Gumboro~Crisfield Mudbogs Banquet

Gumboro~Crisfield Mudbogs Banquet
Saturday, March 23, 2013
If you left the Crisfield Elks Lodge the evening of the 2012 Gumbobo~Crisfield Mudbogs banquet hungry then you just can't be pleased.
Those grand ladies of the Elks provided mudboggers with another tasty and fulfilling meal - from appetizers to dessert!   Thank you so much for the hospitality. 
Also a big thank you  Wright Townsend,  Charlie Price and Randy Beers for arranging an evening for all mudboggers to congregate and enjoy each others company for a few hours under one roof. I must say this is a delight when we can all get together to catch up on what changes will be made to each truck - IF the driver cares to tell. 
Wright Townsend, Jr.  was presented with a special award for all he has done for the mudbogs...certainly well deserved.  However, it should be mentioned over and over that these three, Wright Townsend, Jr., Randy Beers and Charlie Price are actually the driving forces behind the mudbogs every year!  Without their hard work and endless hours dedicated to racing the mudbogs would not be possible.

One nice surprise to all of us is that there will be an extra mudbog this summer thanks to the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Company. We are excited about this and I have to admit that this pleases ME greatly!  Crisfield is my favorite choice for mudracing (having been married to a Crisfielder years ago) and this year the opportunity to assist the local fire department with its fundraising  along with bringing mudbogging to Worcester County is exciting!  More information on this adventure will follow very soon.

Mudbogging in Gumboro or Crisfield would in no way be possible without sponsors.  I do not have a complete list of ALL sponsors for the mudbogs so here are the ones I do have.
Tawes Bros. GMC Buick
Crisfield, Maryland
Eddie and Sue Heath
Heaths Crab Pots/Crisfield, Maryland

Snap -On Tools

Barry Wise  & Wright Townsend
Winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Barry Wise

To follow what the Gumboro~Crisfield Mudbogs is doing this summer you can go to
   Gumboro~Crisfield Mudbogs on ON FACEBOOK
More photos and racing info will be posted soon.
Remember the first mudbog for the 2013 season is this Saturday, May 4th in Gumboro, Delaware. 
More details during the week.

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