Monday, July 1, 2013

Search for Victims Continues After Plane Crashes into Ocean

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OCEAN CITY, Md.Authorities have resumed their search for the victims after a small plane crashed into the ocean off Ocean City.

After having to suspend search efforts Sunday evening because of darkness and unsafe conditions, dive teams picked up their efforts once again Monday at 9 a.m. The search was called off overnight due to dangerous conditions.

On Monday morning, wreckage of the plane was located on the ocean floor, according to Ocean City police and Maryland State Police.

State police said the plane went down at around 4 p.m. Sunday a half mile offshore at 133rd Street. Mayor Rick Meehan said witnesses told police that the aircraft spun out of control before crashing.

The U.S. Coast Guard said the single-engine CJ-6A took off from Ocean City Municipal Airport.

There is still no official word about the number of passengers on board the plane or their identities. However, the Maryland Coast Dispatch newspaper in Ocean City is reporting that two people were on board that plane and both were off-duty members of the Ocean City  Department.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash, especially anyone who may have photos or video of the aircraft prior to or during its descent, is urged to contact the MSP Berlin Barrack at (410) 641-3101.



Anonymous said...

The airplane was made in the People's Republic of China. Do you actually expect it to be reliable?

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

"both were off-duty members of the Ocean City Department"

What Department? Police? Fire? Public Works?

Anonymous said...

If they are looking for videos WBAL out of Baltimore has them on their site. Tasteless if you ask me. They should have been turned over to investigators and let them decide to release or not.
Reporter chick's name was Weiner as in Anthony. What's up with that name and doing tasteless thing?