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When Less is More: The Power Of Limited Government

When Less is More: The Power Of Limited Government
by Delegate Mike McDermott
JULY 1, 2013
I have seen few applications in life where the phrase, “Less is more” could be applied accurately; but when it comes to government, I can make the connection. When the American people experience “less government” in their lives, the result is always “more” liberty; and what Americans have done with their freedom is the envy of the world.
Our Constitution was purposely crafted to “limit” the powers of government rather than limit the freedom of the people.   Big government remains expensive to operate, and every dollar sent to Uncle Sam is a dollar not utilized by the one who earned it in the first place. Government is a taker, not a producer. Some believe that government spending stimulates the economy despite all evidence to the contrary. Any short term gains are soon replaced with greater deficits, while there is convincing evidence that the private sector and consumer confidence are what move our country forward.
When he became President, Ronald Reagan restored our sense of liberty in America. His policies worked to limit the size and scope of government. Through tax cuts and streamlining, our country pulled itself out of the muck and mire. Conservatism was put on display and what followed was the greatest economic expansion in our nation’s history.
Our economy and American way of life has always been based upon risk versus reward. It holds us in check and makes us weigh our choices carefully. It makes us responsible for our own actions or lack thereof.
Liberty allows us to choose wisely, it does not protect us from failure. You want to stretch a double into a triple? You better be sure you can make it!
When consumers pick the winners, we all win. We all know what it is like when an umpire (government) becomes part of the game instead of a neutral arbiter.
Time is money in business.  Consider a chicken house up and running in 6-months versus 2-years (MD’s current rate). During the 18-month difference, a broiler operation could produce 9-10 flocks as opposed to zero.
That constitutes a family providing for itself while feeding the world. It means discretionary spending boosting our local economy and increased government revenues from Property and Income Taxes paid.  Over regulation costs time, and we begin to see that time is money for taxpayers as well.
The best stimulus for our economy is limited government.  Less money in taxes and fees results in more money in the pockets of taxpayers.
Historically, what do Americans do with more money in their pockets?
They invest, and they spend which fuels an economy like nothing else can. Again, this results in increased government revenue through an increasing tax base.
Our government is to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It has been established to serve at our pleasure that we may,”… secure the blessings of liberty, to ourselves and our posterity.”  When we focus government on protecting and defending liberty, we narrow the scope and make it more effective.
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