Monday, August 19, 2013

Drunk Driver 10 Years Ago Back In Jail For Another DUI Charge

ONLEY, Va. (WAVY) - An Eastern Shore man, who was driving drunk when he killed a Virginia State trooper 10 years ago, is back behind bars for another DUI charge.

Virginia State Police say 65-year-old Larrie Taylor is accused of DUI again after he crashed a pickup truck around 10 p.m. Sunday on Boggs Road in the Painter area. Police say he was driving alone.

"It was like here we go again," said Jeff Martin, a resident of Exmore, who knows the man Taylor killed almost a decade ago. "You'd think that you would learn a lesson, you had a lot of time to think about it."

Taylor spent eight years in prison for his part in the deadly crash on the Eastern Shore 10 years ago.

He was drunk when he slammed into a car on Route 13 containing Virginia State Trooper Anthony Daryl Campbell and his 9-year-old son Andrew.

"When the accident happened, it was just devastating," Martin said. "What a great loss for the community."

Martin remembers that crash like it was yesterday. The memories remain and so do two crosses at the intersection of Route 13 and Costal Boulevard where the crash happened.

"It was Drew's birthday coming up and they were going up to Salisbury for the opening of a Harry Potter movie," Martin added.

Campbell and his son never made it to the movie. They were killed when Taylor hit them from behind.

"Daryl Campbell was just a great guy and a great neighbor to have," Martin added.

Taylor was convicted and spent most of the last decade at the Greensville Correctional Center. He was released September of last year and was serving three years probation when he crashed again Sunday night.

Troopers say he ran his truck into a utility pole and that he was drunk at the time. He was charged with 2nd Offense DUI.

Taylor injured himself in the crash and was taken to Accomack County Jail, without bond, after being released from a local hospital. There are many on the Eastern Shore who believe a cell is where he should stay.

"He should have know better," Martin said. "I don't think there should be any leniency for this, but a leopard doesn't change his spots. I guess he didn't learn his lesson."

Taylor is scheduled to be arraigned in Accomack County General District Court September 25.


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