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TIME MACHINE ... 1958, 1943, 1911, 1899, 1903.

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June, 1958
(Salisbury Times)

120 Descendants Left By Centenarian

Onley- A 100-year-old resident of Accomack county who died Wednesday at his daughter's home in Onley, Va., left more than 120 descendants.

G. Smith Millener, a retired farmer, and long-time resident of Accomac, celebrated his 100th birthday last October.

Up to the time of his death, his faculties were keen, and he remembered vividly the last days of the Civil War. Memories of his youth include Federal troops encamping at Felicity, just outside of Accomac, and he recalled that the Methodist Church in Accomac was used as a stable by Yankee soldiers.

He enjoyed telling stories of the war between the states, and his eyes lit up as he brought the past to life for his attentive listeners.

He had been living with one of his daughters, Mrs. I.B. Clark, since 1946 and he died at her home. He leaves six children, 23, grandchildren, 90 great-grandchildren, and several great-great grandchildren.

Surviving daughters besides Mrs. Clark, are Mrs. Marjorie Budd, Parksley, Va.; Mrs. George Colona and Mrs. Jennie Justice, Accomac.

He leaves two sons, S.S. Milliner Sr., Accomac and Asher C.H. Millener of Onley.

Two brothers in Virginia are also approaching the 100 year mark. James J. Millener of Accomac is 91, and Asher Millener of Locustville is 86. The late Mr. Millener was the oldest resident of Accomack County.

Born in Locustville, Va., he was a member of Drummondtown Baptist Church in Accomac, and was the oldest member of the congregation both in age and years of membership.

Funeral services were to be held today in the Lilleston Funeral Home in Accomac, with the Rev., B.A. Little officiating. Interment was to be in Edgehill Cemetary, Accomac. 

March, 1943
(Salisbury Times)



State Employees Would Also Benefit

Annapolis, March 25- (AP)- The legislative proposal to grant war-time salary adjustments to school teachers and most state employees now receiving less than $3,000 a year appeared today to be headed for final disposition.

As passed by the Senate, the bill provided a $200 salary adjustment for all school teachers and classified employees receiving less than $3,000 a year, except that persons receiving between $2,800 and $3,000 should receive only the difference between their salary and $3,000. 

January, 1911 (Time Machine archive)
(The Washington Post)


Mrs. J. L. Sturgis Of Pocomoke City 

Asks For State Aid.


Wife of Bank President, Ordered to Leave
$100 "Under Doorsteps," Calls Upon Thomas
Ewell, State Fire Marshal, for Protection- Friends
of Men Sent to Jail Suspected.

Special to The Washington Post 

Baltimore, Jan.23- Fearing that life and property are in danger, Mrs. John L. Sturgis, of Pocomoke City, Md., wife of the president of the national bank of that town, has appealed to State Fire Marshal Thomas Ewell for protection.

Col. Ewell received a letter from Mrs. Sturgis yesterday, including a missive written in a disguised hand, and which Mrs. Sturgis believed was sent to her by "Black Handers." The letter reads:

"Mrs. Sturgis: You are here bye notified to leave $100 under the door steps Sunday night or you died with all property burnt."

Factions in the Town.

A skull and crossbones were roughly drawn under this, while the name "Secretary" was signed to the note. Mrs. Sturgis found the note under the door last week, and has been very much frightened ever since. 

Col. Ewell is of the opinion the letter was sent by friends of the five men who were sentenced to jail about a month ago on charges of arson, at his instance. Pocomoke City, he says, is divided into two factions, and one of the factions is continually annoying the other. The incarcerated men belong to one faction, while Mrs. Sturgis lives in the part of the town where the other faction is located.

December, 1899
(New York Times)

BALTIMORE, Dec. 1- Col. John Walter Smith of Snow Hill will be inaugurated Governor on the second Monday in January, 1900, and the Democrats will then resume control in Maryland after four years of Republican rule, following thirty years of Democratic sway.

April, 1903
(The Denton Journal)

Value Of Whitewash

Whitewash is a cheap article and it will soon be time to apply plenty of it to outhouses, fences, etc. It not only improves the appearance of things, but it aids in preserving the wood and is an admirable disinfectant. Don't spare the whitewash and you won't regret it. 

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