Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worse Choices – Worst Results for O'Malley

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August 28, 2013

Contact: Steve Crim
Governor O'Malley held a self-congratulatory, dog-and-pony show today, where he once again bragged about his "success" in job creation. The event today was the first in a series of planned events on the "O'Malley Reputation Rehabilitation Tour," where he will try to overcome his negatives by attempting to change the facts of his record. Business leader Larry Hogan said, "The governor is entitled to his own opinions but he can't just make up his own facts and pretend that they are true."
Governor O'Malley continues to claim that his has had tremendous success in job creation, that he is "driving down unemployment" that he has "recovered 94% of all the jobs lost" in the recession. Those statements are absolutely false. The irrefutable facts show the actual situation to be completely the opposite of his false claims. "What we saw today was a governor spinning magical tales of successes that only exist in his own mind," said Hogan, founder and Chairman of the economic think-tank Change Maryland.
When Martin O'Malley became Governor in January 2007 the unemployment rate was 3.6%, contrary to the governor's latest outrageous claim, unemployment is currently 7.1%. So rather than driving unemployment down, as he claims, unemployment has, in fact, nearly doubled under the O'Malley Administration.
When O'Malley took the reins of state government in January 2007 there were 108,096 people unemployed in Maryland, today after nearly seven years of his leadership, there are now 218,741 people unemployed. That is an increase of 110,645 additional people unemployed -- it represents an increase in unemployment of more than 100%.
"This is a tragedy, these aren't just terrible numbers, these are real people, fathers and mothers struggling to make ends meet, to keep a roof over their head, put clothes on their kids back and food on the table," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan.
Hogan, a successful businessman, who has brought hundreds of companies and thousands of jobs to Maryland said, "Sometimes politicians think that if they repeat something enough times people will eventually believe it. Governor O'Malley is pretty good at weaving magical tales with no basis in reality. But, no amount false spin can change the cold hard fact that no other governor in Maryland history has ever lost as many jobs as Martin O'Malley."
"The time for results is long overdue. There are no more excuses left for the O'Malley Administration. After nearly seven years of failed economic policy, there is no one to blame but themselves. We need Democrats, Republicans and Independents to put aside partisanship and work together on the shared goal of increasing employment is Maryland. Governor O’Malley may think he’s moving Maryland forward but most people feel the need for a real change in direction for Maryland has never been more clear," said Hogan, a former State Cabinet Secretary.
Change Maryland is the largest independent citizen activist group in Maryland, and advocates for pro-jobs policy in the state. The movement is made up of more than 54,000 people from every jurisdiction in the state, and was founded by Hogan, who is also a Director of the Maryland Public Policy Institute, a respected economic think tank and policy group.

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