Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Arsonist Tonya S. Bundck Out Of Jail On Bail WITH Special Conditions


ACCOMAC, Va. - The woman accused of setting fire to a home on April 1st is now Out Of Jail, more than a month after a circuit court judge granted her bail.

Tonya Bundick, 40, who is charged one count of arson and one count of conspiracy to arson for her alleged involvement during the night of her arrest, is no longer wearing handcuffs and a white jumpsuit, for the time being.

Bail bondsmen Bill and his son, Michael Allen say they took the call Monday morning. The elder, Bill, says he will treat Bundick's situation "just like any other case."

Minutes after Bundick made her exit from the Accomack County sheriff's office, Allen spoke with WMDT, outlying the details of her bond. According to Allen, two to three people co-signed for her release at $3,000, or ten percent of the original $30,000.

Even though she's free, there are conditions on her bail.

Court documents say Bundick "may not travel outside of Accomack and Northampton counties unless for a medical necessity or emergency. Also, the accused felon must submit to drug and alcohol screening and testing, plus refrain from the use of illegal drugs and controlled substances not prescribed by a health care provider.

Allen says Bundick must also go into his co-owned Eastern Shore Bail Bonds office at least once a week leading up to her trial.

"If she doesn't check in [any week], we'll go look for her," Allen says.

When Bundick left the sheriff's department, she walked out through the side of the building before getting into a sheriff deputy's vehicle. A person associated with the department drove her around the block before dropping her off right behind me at the Accomack County General District courthouse.

At that point, she gathered her belongings before WMDT saw her lawyer Shannon Dunham drive off with Bundick in the front seat.

WMDT caught up with Virginia commonwealth attorney Gary Agar about her release, but he said he was hard pressed to make any comments. 

"We'd rather try our cases in the courtroom than the news media," said Agar.

Neither Bundick nor Dunham would answer questions at this time.

Bundick's trial is set for November 6th at the Accomack County Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, Agar said an agreement came on the exact date for the other alleged arsonist and Bundick's fiance Charles Smith, who's charged with 67 counts of arson and one count of conspiracy to arson. 

Smith is scheduled to have a bench trial on December 16th at the same courtroom, according to the commonwealth attorney's office.


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