Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonya Bundick Released TODAY??

UPDATE:  Tonya S. Bundick has  been released from jail.2:01 pm.

Tonya Bundick, the woman accused of assisting in the rash of arsons in the Accomack County area is in the process of bailing out of jail this afternoon.

Tonya Bundick, along with her boyfriend, Charles Smith, have both been incarcerated in the Accomack  County jail since April of 2013 for arsons they could be responsible for setting beginning in November 2012.

In August, Bundick was granted a $30,000 secured bond. That bond could only be posted by a professional bondsman and Bundick was not allowed to leave Accomack or Northampton counties unless by medical necessity.

It is unknown what time Bundick will be released from custody.

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