Sunday, September 29, 2013

Enjoy The Warm Autumn Days Outside While You Can!

Autumn is upon us and very soon time will change giving us those shorter days and nights that seem to last forever!  

So, before the cold, rainy and shortened days arrive don't forget to get out with the family and stretch those legs and  enjoy the mild weather while you can.  

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Activities are unlimited almost in Cypress Park.  If you don't like to fish walk the Nature Trail located in the back of the park. The Nature Trail, just recently completed,  now ventures all the way to Stevenson's Pond. 

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Stop for a visit at the  Olive Lippoldt Memorial Tidal Garden.  A footbridge, erected by a group of volunteer Sailors from the Wallops Island Station makes it an excellent area to view plant life and marine life. The plaques around the garden will provide you will all the information you need.  

Photo/ BW
Olive Lippoldt Memorial Tidal Garden 

Pack a picnic lunch and have a picnic  on one of the brand new handmade picnic tables!   Nathan Stephens a local Boy Scout from Troop 0311 is responsible for building  the tables  in order to achieve his Eagle Scout status.

Photo/ BW

You'll also find tennis courts and a playground for the younger ones.  There's plenty of room to run......  And it's all free.

Better hurry.  The nice weather won't last forever!

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