Friday, January 17, 2014

Pocomoke Businesswoman Files For Council Seat In Pocomoke City

“You want to do what?” 

This is a question I have been hearing quite a bit lately.  And the first question is generally followed by, “Why on earth do you want to do that?”

Let me introduce myself and explain.
 My name is Kim Jackson, and I am running for Pocomoke City Council, District 3.
I remember being asked similar questions one year and six months ago. That is when my husband, Ed and I chose to buy a house here, and make Pocomoke City our home.  The big question then was:  “Why do you want to move to Pocomoke?”  My response was, “Why not Pocomoke?” It did not come as any surprise to me; having longtime residents ask such questions about these kinds of decisions. Over the years I have learned we all can sometimes take for granted, things in our own backyard.  We can loose perspective of all the wonderful things we have right under our noses.  We came here with a new perspective, and chose Pocomoke because of all the great things it had to offer: a beautiful riverfront, plenty of green space (especially found in Cypress Park and the trail), old homes with personality and charm, good schools, city and emergency services, cultural arts and museums, a downtown district, and all within walking distance...I could go on and on.  This is why we came to Pocomoke!

Fast forward to the present.
I am now a small business owner on Market Street in downtown, working within the community.  The downtown business district (in voting district 3) is full of potential; it's  just waiting to come back to life once again. Studies have shown that downtown revitalization helps make an area strong by encouraging locals to come back and shop local. It brings visitors to the community, and can help create jobs, too. This can generate additional revenue for the community as visitors come for the day and enjoy our city.  Added revenue can go to improving and maintaining safe streets for our district. I feel historic preservation is also important because people love to experience the past. Whether its museums, houses, churches or old storefronts; people love to feel connected to the past; they want to experience a change from today's  hustle and bustle. Cities all across the country have benefitted from revitalization efforts. We have all the “right stuff”. Let's  make it happen. 
On April 1, 2014, if you live in District 3, Help me bring a new perspective to Pocomoke City, District 3.
 I would appreciate your vote.
 ~ Kim Jackson


Anonymous said...

Excellent choice for Pocomoke City Council with lots and lots of integrity. and integrity is what we need.

Anonymous said...

Great choice did not know she was interested.

Anonymous said...

She seems to have business experience and is contributing to our community. We need a fresh face with new ideas. Trotter being a police officer could not give his full time to the job, look at McDermott. Besides didn't he file bankruptcy and lost his home awhile ago?

Anonymous said...

2:53 I don't know whether it's true or not about the bankruptcy and if it happened awhile ago I don't see a problem as long as he's learned and moved on.
this makes him a better choice because of his real life experience that others know all to well with the economic turmoil we are facing. It's easy for those who are comfortably ensconced in their middle class glass houses to tell other what to do, but unless someone has experienced it first hand they really have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jackson defiently have my vote