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Pocomoke Mayor and Council Meetng~ December 2013

Pocomoke Mayor and Council Meetng
December  2013
December 9, 2013
The regular meeting of the Pocomoke Mayor and Council was held in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Monday, December 9, 2013 the meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M.
                                       Present: Mayor Bruce Morrison
                                                Council Members: RobClarke,           
               Diane  Downing
                               Don Malloy, George Tasker
                                  City Attorney William Hudson
                                   City Manager Russell W. Blake
                              City Clerk Carol L. Sullivan
Review Minutes:
In a motion (Malloy, Clarke passed), to approve the minutes of November 4, 2013.
Review Bills:
      In a motion (Downing, Malloy passed), the bills presented to be paid. (Copy of bill list attached to original minutes).
Authorize Mayor to sign proclamation for 125th Anniversary of the Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Company:
       Mayor Morrison read the proclamation for the record.
       In a motion (Malloy, Downing passed) to authorize         Mayor Morrison to sign proclamation for 125th Anniversary of the PCVFC.
Presentation of retirement plaque to Mr. James Norton following twelve (12) years’ service on the City’s Board of Zoning Appeals:
       Mayor Morrison presented Mr. James Norton a plaque thanking him for his service on the Board of Zoning Appeals.
       Mr. Norton thanked the Mayor and City Council and stated that Pocomoke City has the best Police Department, Public Works Department and city manager on the Eastern Shore. He added that the Mayor and Council deserve resignation for an outstanding job of service to our citizens. He said that he has enjoyed his service on the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Special recognition of Chairman Mike Shannon and the Pocomoke Christmas Parade Committee for the successful Christmas Parade held on December 2, 2013:
      Mayor Morrison presented Mike Shannon a Certificate of Appreciation for serving as Chairman of the Pocomoke City Christmas Parade for the past thirteen years.
       Mr. Shannon thanked the Mayor and Council for the certificate. He said that he appreciated everything the City does for the community and he is glad that he is a part of the events and is able to volunteer his time. He stated that there are things going on all the time and that some others are stepping up to volunteer. He announced that there would be a Gala on February 15, 2014, at the Elks. This is a fundraiser for the Boat Docking Contest to be held in August 2014.
Authorize City Manager to sign Basic Interconnectivity Agreement with Delmarva Power for new solar electricity-generating system:
       City Manager Blake stated that this is the next step toward the Solar agreement. If all goes well the solar plant should be in operation by late 2014.
       City Attorney Hudson stated that there was no reason that the City could not sign this agreement and that it needed to be signed before going onto the next step.
       In a motion (Tasker, Malloy passed) to authorize City Manager Blake to sign the Basic Interconnectivity Agreement with Delmarva Power.
City Manager to present recommendation from Housing Coordinator Harvey Davis for repair or demolition of several buildings:
       City Manager Blake stated that 201 Fourth Street, 516 Laurel Street, 618 Clarke Ave., and 415 Oxford Street have been vacant for some time and no activity from owners. If the Mayor and Council agree to proceed, the owners would receive a notice to repair or demolish the buildings. If they object there would be an opportunity for a hearing at the next Mayor and Council meeting.
       In a motion (Malloy, Tasker passed) to proceed with repair or demolish letters to the owners of all four buildings.
Discuss recommendation from Police Chief and City Manager for purchase of two new police patrol vehicle using grant funds from U.S.D.A. and local matching funds:
       City Manager Blake stated that we would be using U.S.D.A Grant Funds in the amount of $43,000 to purchase two Tahoes for the Police Department. The City would match $14,400 funds for these two new vehicles. Chief Sewell stated that the Tahoe’s will be nice for bad weather.
       Councilman Clarke asked if we would piggy back on another agency to get a good price.
       Chief Sewell stated that we would purchase the vehicles from Joe Basil Chevrolet as they have contracts with Law Enforcement Agencies.
       In a motion (Tasker, Clarke passed) to approve the purchase of two Tahoes with U.S.D.A. funds and matching funds of $14,400 from the City.
Consider request from Snow Hill Chamber of Commerce for use of City Festival Tent on Sunday, February 23, 2014:
       Mayor Morrison stated that Snow Hill Chamber of Commerce would like to use the City’s tent for their Annual Oyster Roast to be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014.
       In a motion (Malloy, Downing passed) to allow Snow Hill Chamber of Commerce to borrow the City’s event tent for their Annual Oyster Roast to be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014.
Mayor to discuss holiday schedule for City employees:
      Mayor Morrison stated that he would like to propose that City employees have Christmas Eve off as an extra holiday this year for Christmas.
      In a motion (Malloy, Tasker passed) to give City employees Christmas Eve off as an extra holiday.

Comments from Audience:
      Mike Shannon thanked the Mayor and Council for the “Old Fashioned Christmas”, she stated that Karah Lacey did a great job and he felt that she was an asset to the City.
      Kim Jackson, owner of Market Street Bouquet, stated that she was making changes for her facility to be fully accredited to accept insurance for her business, one of the requirements was to have a designated handicap parking space. She asked if there could be a designated handicap parking space near her shop.
      In a motion (Malloy, Downing passed) to designate a handicap parking space on the corner of Clarke Ave and Market Street.
      Dale Trotter stated that he would like to clarify that he was not responsible for Mr. Gary Mclhiney from Schlachman Belsky & Weiner to attend last month’s meeting. He stated that he was interest in running for Council seat.

Comments from Council:
      Mayor Morrison asked what the Council would like if anything for Leona Hill in donating property for her project.
      After some discussion it was decided that a piece of property near the Farmer’s Market/Cypress Park could be designated for Leona Hill’s playground. Or maybe she could contact Worcester County Commissioners to see if they had any property that they would be willing to donate for her project.

      With no further discussion, a motion was made by Councilman Clarke and seconded by Councilman Malloy to adjourn at 7:57 PM.







Carol L. Sullivan

City Clerk


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